Bookish Book Times: Books To Read On Road Trips

As you might know, I’m going on a trip next week. But here’s just something that you just might not know; I am driving six hours to get there. Yes, six hours. I can barely sit down still doing nothing even in a classroom while listening to a teacher talk. So I do not expect myself to sit down on a bus doing nothing, with other kids yelling about who knows what.

And nobody should ever think that sitting down on a bus unentertained is a good thing, because it’s not, nor should it ever be. Because everyone should be able to have fun on every single minute of their trip, even the parts that are driving six hours straight.

So each book below, if you click on them, have a link attached to them that can take you to the Goodreads page, and there you can see a summary of the book, and also you can read a preview.

So here are the books that I’m hoping to take with me on my trip to read on the ride there, and only to the ride there because I am absolutely positive that I will have no time nor energy and other time to read.

Image result for the fault in our stars Image result for an abundance of katherinesImage result for the sword of summerImage result for the sword of summerImage result for insurgentImage result for paper townsImage result for divergentImage result for where the mountain meets the moon

Image result for truly madly guiltyImage result for everything everything

Now, I don’t even expect to even read all of these books, knowing what’s on the itinerary and all.

But I will probably try to read at least some, and because of my excitement to complete the newer books, I think it’ll be done. At least I hope so, it would definitely be a shame to not get to read some, mostly because this is the only thing that I have close to a vacation or break from the busy days I have.

Until next time…

Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast.



    1. I have heard that a lot from a couple different series that Insurgent isn’t the best, which bums me out cause Divergent is literally AMAZING. Everything, Everything I HAVE to read before this year ends, because I really also want to watch the movie but I want to read the book first.


    1. You’ve read Everything, Everything? Did you like it? I’d like to find out how people who’ve read it before think of it, because I really want to read it myself soon and I just want to see other people’s opinions.

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