Fashion Frenzy: Pre- Fall 2017 Self-Portrait Review


Today on Fashion Frenzy instead of playing the role of an uneducated teacher, I shall do something different. So, I recently saw this collection, and in fact, I’ve seen a couple collections that I find absolutely beautiful, so you may just be seeing a couple of those posts flying around here on the blog.

Anyways, this collection is the Self-Portrait Pre-Fall 2017 collection. It caught my eye so quickly because I just love the beauty of it. All the colors in the collection are pretty simple, just all some light colors. But the way they are done- BEAUTIFUL.


This is the first outfit of the few that I’ll be reviewing and talking about, and I am not sure, but I think that this one might be my favorite. The lace- it’s lace, right?- details are so intricate and beautiful and ties the whole outfit together so perfectly. Also, the outfit as a whole reminds me of those outfits that maids in movies would wear, the black and white little dresses. But I just absolutely love how this outfit recreates that into something a bit more amazing.



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