Poetry Pages + An Exciting, Yet Kind of Sad Announcement

I’d like to begin the start of ANOTHER series here on my blog; I know, lots of series but I am currently getting into managing all of them so I have specific dates to where I post each blog post of the series. So do not worry, they will all be organized sooner or later. 

Anyways, this’ll be about poetry. YES, ANOTHER INTEREST OF MINE? Well then actually yes, it is another interest of mine. I develop interests quickly, but do not fret, not ALL of my interests will be made into blog series because that would get annoying and that’s just not really the point of my blog. 

But I don’t even know the point of why I created this blog; I know that it was merely out of boredom in the summer, but I don’t seem to remember any legitimate reason.

I’m getting off track, so anyways, I’d just like to share with you all some poems that I’ve made- but they are all FREE VERSE. 

If you don’t know what free verse mean, well I will tell you. Free verse is basically just poems without the rhyming and the ABABA, or the ABCABC. I like free verse better, so that’s what I’ll stick to.

Now welcome me and my poems.

glass chambers

sat down in a booth,

i sit and sip my tea.

people come and go

and i watch
nobody seems to notice me

that i come here every morning

that i constantly am here

but it’s okay. 
busy lives, busy days. 

no time to stop and relax

no time to stop and realize

the other people living as well. 
its like we’re in a glass chamber.

cut off from humanity.

but in reality,

we’re right next to them. 
but the thing is,

they have their heads down.

making them so oblivious to me, 

to us, 

in the glass chambers.

the girl 

beautiful and strong, 

but is hidden behind a sweater.
this sweater hides everything.

from her floral print hair,

to her self decorated sneakers.
but she can’t allow it.

she must hide her true self, her beautiful self 

from society.
society doesn’t want people like her,

the unique people.

the loving people.

the kind people.
society trains you to not be unique,

but to be like everyone else.

but why follow that path?
the path that if you follow,

will just lead you- 

to nowhere. 
million promises

so many people make promises, 

telling you that they will do keep it.
thousands of promises are made,

millions are made in just hours.
but if we can’t keep just one promise,

why make millions of promises?
acts of heroism

wearing my golden armor,

defeating heroes,
that’s what it takes to be a hero. 

in a fantasy.

in the real world, it takes more. 
more acts of kindness,

more heroism.

just more of all that.
because staying the dragon, 

saving the princess,

is that really a true accomplishment? 
Well, that was just amazing. I sure loved it- and not because I was the one who made it. Though in all seriousness, I really did enjoy those and I hope you did as well. 

Now, time for the big announcement you’ve all been waiting for since you saw the title of this post.
For the week of May 22- May 26, I shall be on a school trip in Washington. And truthfully, I am very excited to be going on that trip.

But here’s something that I remembered like a week ago (cue the music): I can’t blog on that week. Even if I wanted to, that would just be too stressful on myself to post each day when each day is already packed with things to do.

So, I told the Blue Whale Basketball Player, and he said if he could that he would write the posts for the week. 

But then again, he gave no legitimate answer which kind of makes this harder than it needs to be, but I’m hoping he gives me an answer before that Sunday so I can get things ready for him.

Anywho, I’d love it if you all told me whether you’d like this, because I don’t want to not have a post up, even if there’s a reason why I can’t post. 

So click here if you like to see the post by my brother, just so you can see if you would be okay with having him write the posts for that week.

I will be able to reply to comments, but not as much as I’ll be able to usually.

Until next time..

Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast. 



    1. Thank you, I really did put a lot of thought into them. 😀 He definitely is awesome, he wants to do it so he can see if he’s good at blogging- he’s comtemplating starting a blog! Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, I’m slightly sad about it, but I also excited! Mixed feelings here. When I come back, I definitely will give some sneak peek pictures on my blog from the trip, I have to share the trip with you all somehow!! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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