Dino Talk: What Is It To You, Is It About the Stats?


So I was going to do a ‘Bookish Book Times’ seeing how it’s obviously Monday, but today I wanted to talk about something different, and I didn’t want to try to squeeze this in somehow and try to make it a Bookish Book Times post, when I’m obviously just not feeling that vibe today.

So sit down, grab a cup of tea, and let’s have a little chat.

All of us bloggers know the ordeal; we want a lot of readers to be following our blogs, and we just overall want to be a great blogger and writer. It’s not the main deal for that to happen to us, but you know, it would be amazing if it did. Basically, I think it is a dream for all of us bloggers.

But, is it ALL about the stats and the follows?

Yes, it’s the most amazing feeling when you get that notification that someone has clicked that “Follow” button on your blog, and that they’ve joined in with reading what you put so much effort and time into. Or when your blog is basically blowing up, and a lot of people are looking at your blog. so It’s really great, I have to say.

But is that the only thing that’s influencing you to post blogs? The fact that someday soon, you will maybe have thousands of followers and that your blog will be blowing up so fast that you can barely keep up?

And if so, then I just feel disappointed for you. (But I hope you don’t take that the wrong way because like, no, I am not ACTUALLY) disappointed in anyone)

Blogging is a way for so many people to express themselves, to talk. Some people who have anxiety or are introverts just take up blogging as a thing to get away from all that, for them, it’s a place where they can speak up and be themselves. In fact, include me into that circle. I’m an introvert around people who I don’t typically know, and I’m kind of quiet. But I never made blogging because of that, I just did so because I was bored.

And I think that’s why I created Dino Talks so I could have time to just sit down and write a post that’s up close and personal, or just a post where I’m just talking. And if you are taking up blogging as a way to get “popular” or something of the sort, then blogging is just not for you, because you’re using it for all the wrong reasons.

Let me just stop for a minute, I think I’m going way too fast for myself even to comprehend, so let me just give my definition for blogging.

Blogging is when you create an online space for yourself to talk with readers. You write about whatever you please, whatever topic floats your boat. You can just write about whatever and people will understand, no haters are going to be ruining what you take so much time and effort to do, at least I hope. All in all, blogging is something that almost everyone should partake in because it’s just that amazing.

So now, have a good day. Thank you for taking the time to chat with me.

Until next time..

Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast.


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