Fashion Frenzy: S1E2 Following, Yet Recreating Trends


Trends. But before I say anything else or move any further, let me show you the official definitions to the words that I found off the Internet.

  1. a general direction in which something is developing or changing.
  2. a fashion

In longer terms, trends in the fashion world are clothing styles that have become very popular within clothing styles. And you can either follow these trends, copy them, or recreate them into something better. But looking at where we are today with fashion, I’d suggest to everyone that you should not just copy clothing, you should use it and make it yours. Not literally, but figuratively.

What seems the most appropriate is to simply recreate the trends, yet still follow them. But then again like I said earlier, go about it any way you please, because like I said it’s all under your rule.

Don’t think the trends are things that you must follow just because you want people to notice you. It’s the same thing with blogging: Do you really think that if you blogged like someone else- more specifically, a blogger who’s blog is booming with followers- that your blog would be just as great because your content is very similar?

Heck no, and if you didn’t get that, definitely not.

Bloggers are hard workers. To be a successful blogger, all you got to do is put the effort in. Try your hardest, and make sure your blog is the best quality it can be. Nobody’s going to want to follow you if your blog isn’t good. People want to read good work, and that’s what you’re going to have to hand to them if you want them to be consistent readers in return.

But the thing that’s different with fashion designing is that you have to use the trends and bend them to fit what you need to use them for.

Let me put this in one sentence, so if you get nothing out of this post at all, then you might as well remember one sentence before you leave.

Trends just help your design become noticed.

And I say this because it’s the way that you incorporate the trend into your design. Since we all have unique little brains, the way we take things are completely different. So you could incorporate this trend into your design different than the next person, and I think that that’s very crucial to know.

It’s just crucial to know that it isn’t just the fact that you slapped a trend into a clothing design, that it’s the way you did it; and if it actually makes sense being put that way into the fashion design.

Because if it was just like, “Oh, I can just slap on this silly trend into my clothing design- THEN BAM- it’s perfect.” And it’s great it’s not that way at all because if so, a lot of people who want to become a fashion designer but aren’t really deserving of it can get it. And that wouldn’t be fair to those who just tried their best and made an effort to get to the top.

But remember: Your end goal shouldn’t just be to become famous as a fashion designer. Because a lot of people nowadays are famous, yet they haven’t done anything great to impact the younger society of the world- the people who soon will be taking over this country.

And along with making your clothes, you should send out a message that they will remember. Because if you’re gonna become famous, you might as well do something inspiring and great that will forever be important, right???


Oh, and if you have yet to see, my new theme is…… PURPLE! I’m in a purple mood, and so all my blog pictures and everything bloggish will be PURPLE. Because it’s a pretty lavender purple, and who can resist the PURPLE.

Okay, I’m too excited over the color purple.

Until next time..

Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast.





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