Fashion Frenzy: Creating Your Path in the Fashion World- Season 1 Episode 1


Let me just rip off the bandage as quick as possible, because I hate suspense. And because you deserve to know the truth about the fashion world, because it’s definitely something that everyone who’s considering joining this fashion community should know.

It’s a big fashion community, so don’t expect anything to be easy.

Mostly everything in life takes hard work, mostly everything requires you to be a hard worker and to put in the effort, but I am super serious. Fashion designing is a large thing that requires you to extraordinary, not just good. Because there are so many people out there who are great, and there are so many people who are also trying to create their path in the fashion business.

So you cannot just expect it to be easy when it’s such a booming business that’s growing and expanding every single day.

Calvin Klein, Donatella Versace, Giorgo Armani, Coco Chanel, and Tom Ford.

Add more if you’d like, but these are only a few of those amazing designers who are constantly creating new and beautiful designs. And if you want to be as amazing in your own way in the fashion business, you better buckle your seat belt and get to working.

First, be unique. There are trends, but those are what I like to call “loose guidelines”. Very, very, very loose guidelines. You can follow them so you know how to catch the crowd’s attention, but nothing more; nothing less.

You should learn how to make astoundingly beautiful designs because some people look at your work, while sometimes you have to be friends with high people to get in a high position yourself.

And that is slightly saddening that the people you know will put you in a high position, but it’s the way things work and if we do really want to be in the business, then we’re going to have to SUCK IT UP AND DEAL WITH IT.

Yes, the uppercase letters are merely for emphasis because I cannot yell through words… or can I?

But just a random question, do you yell the uppercase letters in your head, because sometimes I do that and it’s actually quite funny.

Back on topic, you’re going to have to deal with the people you come across, because drama is useless, and it’s not going to help get you a promotion. In fact, it’ll just make them think that you’re bad for the job, but that’s a completely different story.

So know people, and work hard. Those are the two most ultimate things you really do need to become amazing.

Until next time…

Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast.




I AM An SQUISHBUG (My brother begged me to add this, so how could I say no?)


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