Bookish Book Times: Five Easy Steps to a Healthy Blogstyle


We’ve all heard about the usual healthy lifestyle- BLAH, BLAH, and BLAH.  How to balance your daily life how, how to do all these sorts of things to have that perfect style. But here’s something you haven’t heard about: A Healthy Blogstyle!

A healthy lifestyle isn’t just what people need nowadays, sometimes there are other things that are important besides your lifestyle. Maybe something like… your blog? The blog that you’ve probably spent hours pouring yourself over, so much time spent perfecting your blog image and all that. So if you’re going to have a blog, you might as well make it as healthy as possible.

And yeah, a blog is not alive. I know that! But why not make your blogging life balanced and great because your blog is most definitely something that’s part of your life. And you need to be able to correctly distinguish your real life and your blog. And I say this meaning that you shouldn’t separate the two, but you should have the steps to be able to have a good blog life, outside of the work, the school, your job, and all that other things that keep you very busy. And it should also be managed in the way that writing a blog post is not hard like metal, it should come easy and be fun.


Step One: Write all day, and write all night!

Write. Just write when you can, because you should practice your writing skills outside from blogging. It will just make writing blog posts much easier because instead of you sitting down in your chair trying to think up words to write, you’ll be finding that it wasn’t as hard as it was before to come up with ideas and words.

But don’t literally just sit down and write all day and night, because you still do need energy for the day, so take naps in between.

Step Two: Come on, be prepared!

It’s not the easiest thing to do; get prepared. But what I’m saying is that it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if you just got your photo graphics ready for the post before you wrote it, so at the last minute, you won’t be making it then.

This will just make it easier on you, it will just make your blogstyle life a little bit easier to handle, and it probably still wouldn’t be as overwhelming as it was when you first started blogging. Because let me tell you when I first started blogging I did not know the rollercoaster I was getting on at all.

I thought it would be a smooth ride, maybe with some bumps once in a while, but who would’ve thought that it would’ve been such an epic rollercoaster like it has been! I certainly did not.

Step Three: Have some snack breaks once in a while.

Yes, why not snack breaks?

You need breaks rather than pummeling yourself to blog on your schedule on time, and never breaking that schedule in fear that your readers would become confused as to why you broke your schedule for that one day.

But here’s the thing: THEY UNDERSTAND. Your readers won’t get mad at you because this day and this day you didn’t post a blog post. Everyone understands that things can become busy so they won’t mind if you have to go away for a few days just so you can have some “me” time, or just because of other reasons.

Take that break, and maybe take multiple breaks as you go along.

Step Four: Quality posts make quality people.

So if you’re going to have those breaks, you might as well make them count for something. Don’t just take all the breaks you need because you believe that your readers will understand; they will understand, but they won’t understand why after all these breaks your posts are the best quality that you can have them be.

Try your hardest and put some effort into your posts. You may just think that nobody likes your blog, that your work isn’t that good.

And sure, you can think that, but even so, some other random person is probably going to think that you are doing great and that the only thing that you need to put in is the effort. So try, because your effort is worth it and someone else will love it.

Step Five: Be as unique and you can possibly be.

What is the point of pretending to be someone you’re not, and especially on the Internet?

Yeah sure, nobody will know who it is, but that still doesn’t make it right for you to be someone that you aren’t. People are reading your blog because they love the personality and uniqueness of your work. They like you!

So while they like you and your work, you might as well show them the real you. Write about things that you love, make it as “you” as it can be. Because honestly, you are a great person and these people deserve to be reading work that shows you.


Until next time…

Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast.






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