Fashion Frenzy: I Think We Are Ready To.. Start Our Portfolios. 

I taught all that I know, and I just can’t keep pushing this important matter out of our hands over and over like it’s not important, when I know it is.

It’s time to start our portfolios. 

Yes, our fashion portfolios. To be able to put yourself out there, you have to let people know who they are going to be potentially working with. People need to know that you’re a force not to be messed with, so that is something that you should definitely let people know. 

So together; me and you, we can both start our portfolios  together. We can first create our portfolios, then the rest- well the rest will be amazing history! 
But first, what I’d like to do is CREATIVE SKETCHING. I’d like to get the ideas down on paper so it’ll be easier to understand the route that we want our portfolio to go. Find your inspiration! 

What you put in your portfolio has to be organized into your portfolio into pages. Each topic can take up more than a page, but it’s still good to have it a bit organized rather than mushed together. 

A portfolio has: 

  • Cover page
  • Mood board
  • Rough drafts/ sketches
  • Pictures of your inspiration- what you used to get initial ideas 
  • Final sketches

Starting out with the cover page to me is just helpful because it just allows you to see what your whole fashion collection will be based off of. 

And any direction is possible, but when you’re able to creativity start a cover page, then I’m sure that that is when you’ll see the ideas flowing in. 

So the cover page should overall define you. Like when someone just simply takes a quick glance at it, they just know that it’s your work and that you drew that. 

Make it unique!!!

Because what if.. what if a huge fashion company- a company like Vogue just so happened to see that portfolio of yours lying around?

The first image I’d want them to see, if it were mine, would probably be that it’s true to me. Because I don’t want them to think  that I just do it all for fun, and then completely strip me of my work and everything I built by myself. 

Just what I saying is, if someone in a great company saw it, you’d want it to be your best and it also to be true to you.

So go sit down, and do exactly that. 

Until next time.. 

Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast. 


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