Dino Talks: How to Prepare Yourself for the Chaos called Travel

 So in May I am going onto a little summer trip, which is very very very exciting. And it’s been so exciting I am sometimes having to stop myself from researching how the sites I’ll be visiting looks, just so I won’t ruin  the whole trip for myself.

 But anyways, since I’ve been in the traveling mood lately this week, why not have a talk. A DINO TALK! 

Don’t know what Dino Talks are yet? Well Dino Talks are discussions with me, Miss Dino. In these posts, I can speak about anything that you all desire, or something that I desire. Basically, it’s a completely random system where I have fun even more and just.. write. 

So today’s Dino Talk is about…  How to Prepare Yourself for the Chaos known as Travel. Traveling is a hard thing to prepare yourself for, so nobody deserves to have to get ready for it all by themselves with no form of help whatsoever.



You and your suitcase have some very well deserved fun time together; fun time you could use to relax, maybe pack, that kind of stuff. 

The thing is, get your clothes that you want and lay it out. If that is all you can get done in a day, then well done. The next day, you can pack that clothing into your suitcase.

Do whatever amount you can do each day, but what’s important is to make sure each day you’re at least able to get something done to get ready for your trip. It’s not fun to do it all last minute.



Basically for this step, pack your morning routine. Don’t pack less things because you think that you don’t use them too much.

If it’s in your morning routine, then get travel sized bottles to put them in. It’s better to have most things that you use, rather than to have less and then finding yourself needing more. 

And also your night routine, you don’t want to forget that part, hehe. 


You’re already packing essentials, so just add hair products to that list.

While you’re adding hair products, add those other important essentials; deodorant, brushes, face and body cream, and so much more. 

In fact, these things are easily forgotten because people are always so quick to pack their clothes, but sometimes forget that there are other things that are just as important. 


Yeah, you probably just forgot about shoes too. They may just go on your feet, but your feet need happiness too, so you do have to bring those. 

So pack those in the other side of your suitcase, anything. Just don’t put them on top of your clothes and get them dirty.

Because that would be so upsetting.
And that is all, unless I forgot something, but you should pack anything extra you think you need. 
Until next time….

Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast. 



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