What I’ve Learned From 9 Months of Blogging

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So through my…. 9 months of blogging, I’ve learned quite a bit of thing. And while this is still random, I want to share those things with you- even if it isn’t my blogiversary.

Every blogger must have things they learn and mine a probably different from the next person’s list of things they’ve learned. So I think this post will be very interesting and helpful at the same time.


You can’t magically poof up a quality post in one sitting.

Believe me, I’ve been one to try. I sit down, open up my computer and when I’m writing the most frequent thing I’m doing is deleting words. You’d think it would be so easy- just type it up and then click the Publish button.

But, NOPE. In fact, I’m so frantic when I’m trying to figure out what words to say, how I should write the sentence. Blogging may sound easy, but the one thing that probably everyone knows is that it isn’t easy at all to write posts.

Schedules for some are a bunch of uselessness.

Trust me, at the moment my schedule is that I post three times a week. But even so, it’s barely organized at all. You definitely shouldn’t go making a schedule because of that what other bloggers use. Others bloggers are not you, they have their own way of the organization so thinking that you can perform the same blogger’s schedules as those people are complete nonsense.

I once saw that another blogger posted every weekday, so I thought that schedule ideas were perfect for me. So I followed their lead, and that schedule idea was most definitely not for me. I had a hard time writing posts each day because I just wrote them and then posted them.

No edits or checking them through, looked long, so that was good enough.

Oh, and that is another one.

Long posts as long as the Great Wall of China is not what you need.

You don’t have to strive for the longest post. In fact, I write about 500 words for one post, and I find that very good in itself. That’s a good number for me, but if I go any higher I am okay too.

Long posts aren’t what readers look for, they could care less how long it is. Most readers just look at the title, and if it interests them, then they click. At least, that’s what I do. Sometimes readers, find long posts to be tedious; but if you write long posts naturally then don’t go changing that habit of yours.

Your readers are reading your posts because what you write about interest them, so they follow you. Nothing about the length of the posts now, is there?

Procrastination is a vital key in anything.

You’re gonna procrastinate, that’s probably a talent that we are all talented in. You write, and then soon you’re watching The Fosters of Freeform online. But maybe it’s just me who’s watching The Fosters as I’m writing, but everyone has their own ways of accomplishing things, right?

Don’t ever get mad at yourself for procrastinating, because sometimes you’ll do that. Not because you’re bored, but just because.

Practice is key.

If you start out blogging and you absolutely hate how your first post is coming along, don’t get upset! All of us bloggers has a first post that we are proud of, or absolutely envy and hate. And that’s just because when you first started blogging, you weren’t as experienced as you are now.

It’s not because you were horrible then, it’s because you needed to go about and learn how to do blogging your way, not to just follow the way the first blogger you liked wrote like I did.

So if you never write outside of blogging, your skills of the way you want to write probably won’t improve.


That’s what I’ve learned from the nine months I’ve been blogging, it’s been fun, and I hope to continue to see blogging in my future.

Until next time…

Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast.



  1. I’ve been blogging for nine months too and You are so right! It’s not about the amount of words but the quality of the posts…I usually can’t write a post for less than 700 words…I find it really hard…I don’t know why. I prefer having a schedule but not really…I want to post every week but sometimes I post on different days so my posts are not always 7 days apart…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ If that makes any sense πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Lovely post by the way!

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    1. Agreed! If you write a long post about a boring subject, not much people might be as happy or interested to be reading those books. Same here, I cannot post more than 700 at least, I usually post around 500, it’s just a natural habit for me.
      I understand what you mean, haha. I post usually just 3 times a week, usually around the time period of 3 or 4.
      Thank you so much!!

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  2. I agree with all of these points! While I prefer WRITING longer posts, I don’t mind if posts are a little short as long as there Quality is there. Schedules for me ARE JUST NOT USEFUL – so I’m glad you pointed that out.Practice IS SO KEY. If you look at my first post and most recent you’ll see how practice has improved my blog posts!

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      1. Now I feel like my posts are short, haha! I talk a lot as well too, but 500 to me is quite a lot. Also, when I was a newbie blogger, I would do posts like ‘1000 word posts!’ thinking that it was a lot, not knowing that other people do more than that. Hehe, I feel so weird now saying that.

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