Bookish Book Times Discussion: [Blog-Wise] Is it Okay to Not Post?


So today I have completely no ideas on what to post. I’ve been juggling around thinking of what to write about, and I just keep coming to an ultimate blank. And to some, having absolutely no ideas is very similar to the end of the world; hectic and problematic.

But, you don’t always HAVE to post.

Yes, you have a schedule that’s managed so you can post on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, having Tuesday for you to starts preparations for those posts (Although I never really use Tuesday for preparation so..). Every minuscule moment is planned so you can be able to post accordingly and just so easily!

But no, because that is not a reality. In fact, if that is the case for you then you’re basically #blessed because you’re given the privilege of being able to use your time accordingly because I’d just start procrastinating in that time that I made to be of use, but it’s of use for the complete opposite reason.

Funny right?

Anyways, posting all the time is a good thing if you can do it, but if you simply can’t then don’t force yourself to. Blogging is not an obligation, it’s something that you yourself chose to do with your own free will, so it’s not a problem or a bad thing if you really cannot blog.

But if people do really get angry at you for not blogging and bash you for it, don’t let it get to you. They have no reason to get mad at you for having things outside of blogging.

Blogging for you is completely for fun, it’s something you’re doing for fun and surprisingly it’s become more fun and fun by the day. So you’re obviously going to have other responsibilities besides blogging, and people have to respect that.

Plus, you should definitely not force words out of you when you’re word blank. It doesn’t seem good at all that you’re wanting to get a post up just for the fact that you think that you need to get a post up to fulfill the schedule.

The schedule is only for convenience and so that it’ll be easier to know when you should post, and so your schedule won’t be randomness.

All in all, post when you can and when you have ideas. It’s much better that way.

  • Do you post when you have ideas only?
  • Did you like this discussion?
  • Do you agree with me; is it okay to only write when you have ideas?

Until next time..

Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast.



  1. You make lots of good points Miss Dino (I love that name). I have been happy to do daily blogs, as my brain is just constantly buzzing with things I want to write and get out there. That, and the more blogs I read, the more ideas I seem to get. I think that’s just my strange rambly brain though. I don’t think I can keep that up forever though. Everyone is different, don’t force it. Write when you feel inspired, and then just read in the meantime 😀

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  2. THANK YOU. OMG THANK YOU. I’m like the only blogger WITHOUT a schedule because I hate it. I admire people who CAN stick to one but I tried it out and ditched it.I find myself saying ‘sorry, this post is late’ EVERY POST because I was busy outside of blogging. My post quality was getting worse and worse and I think you ONLY post when you have an idea is good.
    To make sure I post enough though or keep up with personal goals, I’m setting a ‘post at least 4 times a month’ bar for myself. This lets me have freedom and write good quality posts and keep blogging fun!I LOVED this discussion, and I’m so glad someone ACTUALLY understands me and has pointed it out.

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  3. This is so true! I mean you are blogging for yourself and because you enjoy doing it and if you feel as if you are forced to do it then it will definitely feel like a chore and your posts won’t be as good as it would have been if you genuinely wanted to blog! Awesome post!!

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    At least that’s what I always say.
    If you’re just posting to have a post out there, DON’T. Make sure your posts are quality, and have content that your reader would genuinely enjoy. Great discussion, Miss Dino, and I agree with the whole “blogging is for fun” thing (unless you’re blogging for money XD ).

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    1. Haha, agreed!
      What I think also is that if you wouldn’t want to claim that rushed work as yours, then you shouldn’t post it. Easy as that.
      Even if you’re posting for money, it should most definitely be quality posts that you yourself approve of.

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