Fashion Frenzy: Hey, How Do I Practice Fashion Designing anyways?


Knowing that you do want to actually maybe pursue fashion designing as a career someday, some people might just want to know how to practice the skills of fashion designing.

And that question is perfectly normal to ask because a little while ago, I was in the same place as you, and I was wondering which path to take in this whole jumble of things. I needed help on what to do, but I never exactly got it until I realized the answer myself.

Starting off, you should be very dedicated to this because there’s no point taking this seriously and buying things for designing only to realize that you’re not interested in it that much and that it’s only just some simply silly hobby.

But if you do actually want to take this into a more serious path, then I’d first suggest to go ahead and start sketching. Get your creativity flowing. Get some clothing designs down on paper, and just maybe even make a collection or portfolio? But once you do have quite a few designs down on paper, I think that will prove that you are good at drawing outfits and that your creative ideas skill is still good and not rusty, so you’ll be able to sketch your designs before making them.

And speaking of making designs, LEARN TO SEW BEFORE YOU GO TO SCHOOL FOR IT! Sorry about the capital letters, but that point definitely needs to be made.

For example, you don’t want to go to the Fashion Institute of Technology or Parsons School of Design and not be able to even sew a whole in a pair of pants together, because then that would most definitely make your college life there super hard.

When this point was brought to my eyes, I was completely baffled. At the time, I was so absorbed in the sketching and the drawing and all that, I didn’t even think about sewing the pieces together. I mean yeah, I thought about my drawings of designs coming to life in actual clothing, but it never occurred to me that I actually was the one who was going to have to sew them together.

So don’t forget that part, because it’s unarguably the most important part of creating your design.

After learning to sew, you might want to just sew some beginner pieces, like a t-shirt, just to be able to get the feel of it all before you jump into something big. But if you prefer, you can definitely go out and buy some fabric to make those designs.

But fabric is quite expensive, so make sure to buy it wisely.

Just sliding this in here; the process of creating clothing is quite long, but don’t worry because next Thursday I’ll be talking about the whole process from my knowledge!


Until next time…

Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast.


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