Discussion: Should High Schools offer more career related elective classes for students [such as fashion designing for me]?


All of us probably have things we enjoy, and maybe these hobbies could even be careers for us in the future. If we have to get a job, we might as well get a job in a subject of things that we actually enjoy.

And as I just thought about this earlier; why can’t high schools prepare us for the career paths that we could take? I mean, schools could still teach us the basic classes that we need to have; English, Math, Science, and all those classes. But I just think that they should fit into the curriculum just a couple teachers who could teach students about their career or job choice.

Now at the moment, I don’t really know how this could be possible. I really would need time to think of how to make this actually be possible, but that would take time. But students for 12 years have to learn at an elementary level, and more advanced at a high school level. But out of all these years of having students teach and maybe yell at kids, not once do those students learn about what they want to be for the rest of their lives.

Call me wrong if schools do actually do this, but no schools in my general area don’t do that- of what I know they don’t…

And yes, there are schools dedicated to the arts or things like that. But students shouldn’t have to drag themselves to a new school if they want to learn about their growing hobby in a good and helpful environment. It seems fair that they should be able to not switch schools and learn about what they like from professionals, or from someone actually majoring and having a career in said topic.

And I say this because all in all, we all have to get jobs if we want to be able to live a decent life. And like I said before, we might as well have a decent job if we’re going to be spending quite a lot of time in these workplaces.

And I want my job time to be spent creating clothing for my collection or fashion line, that’s my dream!

And so schools should help students pursue these dreams. Because there’s no point in learning all this information if it won’t apply to our field of work- sorry teachers- so we might as well have a chance to try out what we like at school, be able to have supportive people helping us during the eight hours of the school day, and just be able to have fun aside from the tedious schoolwork.

So there, I said it.

  • Do you agree with my points?
  • If you do disagree, what do you think about the question made?
  • If high schools did this, what elective would you take?

Until next time…

Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast.




  1. I agree with you SO MUCH. My high school lacks so much of the creative subjects I would love to try out. I mean, Drama and Music are just completely eliminated because they’re classified as ‘less important’ and ‘not essential’ and ‘will get you nowhere’. I get that they have to educate people with the most popular and benficial subjects like Maths and English to get far, but what about the minorities, who want to do something else?
    Take me, i’m REALLY interested in Graphic Desin (and quite like cpmputing). I want to have a career that lets me work in the ‘tech’ side and I feel Graphic Design would set me on the right course and help me explore. I also feel it’s unfair. To only expose students to such a limited amount of subjects and fool them into thinking that those are the only ‘good’ careers. Some people might have a talent in..I don’t know – interior design. Yet because they never got to tinker with that career choice they end up witha job they hate and never discover their love and passion for design! Wonderful discussion.

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    1. Thank you!
      Agreed! Not much people will take careers that involve much English or Math, but even if people do the less popular beneficial subjects should still be shown in schools.
      The things taught in schools are most definitely not the only ‘good’ careers, because anyone can make as much money and work as hard in different jobs. Schools do this, and I do not think it’s fair to the students who are fooled into believing these facts.
      Only if schools let kids be exposed to these different environments would kids be able to choose the career that they want, and as well be skilled in that field because the school departments haven’t been generous enough to actually help kids make their career dreams come true.
      I love your thoughts on this discussion topic, it’s very interesting to read someone else’s thoughts on the same topic other than mine, haha!

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