Fashion Frenzy Inside Scoop: Just a Peek, at my Sketches!




You’re probably just wondering how this post got here, mostly because I only post Fashion Frenzy posts on Thursdays and it’s currently a Wednesday. But I realized something- you all may want the inside scoop, or the juice, about my fashion life. Note that I said Inside Scoop because this is something that I’m trying to state very clearly; this post isn’t a replacement for my weekly Fashion Frenzy on Thursday.

Don’t think that, because I am for sure bursting with joy just thinking about the fact that tomorrow I’ll be posting a Fashion Frenzy.

So me being me, I obviously want to return that favor and give you all what you want, what you deserve! Plus, I myself am a little excited to show you my sketches, mostly because it’s definitely something I’ve never done on this blog, but I really want to do now that I’m mentioning it.

Watching Project Runway continuously for the past few days has given me inspiration and so many designs for outfits I’m so excited to share with you. These designs I think really explain me as a designer, and I think that anyone will be able to understand that with only looking at a few of my designs.

At least I hope they explain me as a designer.

This dress design was inspired by a basic tuxedo, or what I like to call the basic suit. You know, the red tie and the red dress shirt, paired with the black coat and pants. I saw a drawing of a man wearing a suit, and then the idea immediately clicked.

Originally, I was going to make the bows be at the neck of the model, but then I completely reconsidered my idea to put the bows on the shoulder. I think the bowties at the shoulders fit more, and overall look aesthetically pleasing to my eye. Or anyone’s eye you prefer.

This is more of a blackish theme, and I myself definitely like where this went as a whole. The white or black did not overpower anything and I just think that that could’ve happened with this design, and I am so glad that I was able to avoid that.

Also, I’ve been told  Dress 2 was very simple and basic, and I love that because even though it’s simple, it still has that sophisticated feeling and just makes me think that it would work perfectly for when you’re going to a fancy dinner, or something of the sort.  It’s not flowy, but it still has a good theme for where you could dress it for. But Dress 1 for sure has a whole different theme of where it’s going. Dress 1 is a dress for a party because I just think it’s very fun and has that vibe of ” I’m young and hip” yet also could be dressed for somewhere slightly fancy, although not too much because of how fun it seems.

And that’s all the designs that I have for this small scoop! I had so much fun explaining my point of view on my designs, and I hope you liked seeing my designs!

Now, let’s answer some questions, that I know you all deeply love to answer!

  • Would you wear any of these designs if they were produced, or would you recommend them to a friend?
  • Which outfit out of all of them is your favorite?
  • Looking at these three designs, which do you think screams you?
  • Your honest opinion; would you like more of these insider posts?

Until next time…

Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast.



  1. Thank you for your feedback! The first one, the area with the button was meant to be white, acting as the dress shirt part in a tuxedo. That part was covered, as well as the other white part. Although, I do understand your reasoning!


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