Bookish Book Times: Reading and Writing, Are Absolutely Different.

Most of us read books nowadays, and that’s just how it’s becoming. Books are slowly coming back as a popular demand for people and I love that. Books are something that all people should have the privilege of reading a book, and more so in the future, because I know that in the future books will probably waver over ‘Dump’ and ‘Keep’ boxes. That’s something that all readers don’t want to happen, but we can never know.

But, I don’t think that just because we read books, people should immediately stereotype us as a writer. Just because I read books- a lot of books I might as well add- does not qualify me as a writer.

I’ve seen so many bloggers here on WordPress talk about their novels that they are writing, and the progress they’ve made as they’ve been writing their books. Don’t get me wrong- I love those posts, it’s so fun to read about how bloggers are advancing in their writing skills to actually put themselves out there by writing a book. But I just don’t think it should be so “Of course.” that a reader is writing a book, or should do it.

The beginning point I am trying to make here is that reading and writing books is two completely different things, and just because you’re a qualified book reader, does not put you in the job application for being a writer.

I am many things, but what’s important at the moment is that I am a blogger who writes about bookish topics on her blog and that I am a qualified A+ book reader.

But does that make me a writer? Yes, I’ve read enough books to be able to gain some sort of experience or idea on how to write a story, and in fact, I think I could. But I’ve realized that I’m not at all good at writing stories, nor am I able to keep a novel long enough to finish it or get to the third chapter.

I’m way to judgemental on myself, and I am sure that can reflect on the erase marks on my papers when I draw, or the amount of edit history my computer has when I am writing a paper. I don’t want to go out of my way to change myself for writing because that wouldn’t be right. But I don’t want to give the illusion that I am a writer.

So overall, I just don’t think that us bloggers or readers should have the stereotype hanging over our heads in bright flashing neon lights telling all that we are writers because some of us like to write but aren’t one to or aren’t capable of writing full blown novels.

Are you a blogger? Are you a writer? Are you a reader? Do you think that this is a stereotype? What do you think of this topic did you like it?

Until next time…

Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast.




  1. This is a great perspective. Additionally, just like all readers aren’t novelist, all bloggers aren’t either. This doesn’t mean that bloggers or readers can’t write novels. I believe it has to take a personal passion and persistence to do so. Great points!

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    1. Thank you, the idea is from my perspective; mostly because I myself am not a novelist. You can go about it all any way, even if you yourself are a blogger, it shouldn’t be pressured that you should be a novelist. I like to write blog posts and let myself be creative with those, but my skills aren’t made for writing novels.

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  2. Are you a blogger?: YES.
    Are you a writer?: YES.
    Are you a reader?: YES.
    Do you think that this is a stereotype?: YES.
    What do you think of this topic; did you like it?: YES.

    XD Okay, I’ll actually be more specific lol. THIS IS SO TRUE!!! I mean, I myself am a reader AND writer, but we shouldn’t think of ALL readers as writers. For one, some readers may not WANT to be writers, or some may not be good at writing! Just because we read doesn’t mean we write. In many cases, this stereotype is true — lots of writers are avid readers! But you should not apply that to the WHOLE group of readers, because not everyone will be that way.

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    1. Haha, I loved how you answered the questions, thank you so much! I love your enthusiasm in your comments, it’s really fun to read what you write and know you’re happy and smiley. ☺️
      Agreed, not all readers can be writers, but some can. I like to blog, but that’s in a whole different stratosphere because I could never finish a whole book. I’m definitely an avid reader but I don’t fit the writer area.

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  3. I really enjoyed your point of view!
    I think that readers usually write books because the like being able to go another world, and they would like to create their own. I actually started writing a book, and that’s the reason why I wanted to write it.
    P.S.: You and your team for my competition, haven’t done any progress, so please inform me about that.
    Happy Blogging! xx Eve

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    1. Thank you!
      Agreed, writing for some people is just a really cool escape to just be able to go to another place, and that place can be realistic or fantasy. It’s all up to you!
      I like to write, but I am simply unable to combine my writing skills to form a good and well written book. I’m probably not unable to do it, but I think because of my indecisiveness, it just makes it soooo harder because I am so judgmental on myself. And like I said in the post, the eraser marks definitely show that fact.
      For your competition, I am unsure about who my team is exactly? Was I supposed to choose one? I’ll make something soon though for that, I don’t want to put my entry to waste.

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