Fashion Frenzy: This Process, It’s A Little.. Sketchy.

Okay okay, so you’ve started sketching. But same as I, you’re probably just wanting some help on what you should do to start., where your inspiration should come from.

And let me be honest with you all, it’s a really hard process to go about with, especially when you’re just starting out and just trying to figure out where to go with it all. 

So, don’t worry, with my minimal experience, I’m here to help! Well- that does not sound at all convincing nor helpful, so don’t mind that all all. But I do want to give advice to people because I’m still in the same place with you all so the experience will definitely will be helpful.

Starting off, you should understand that this all is based off of creativity and your ideas that you can come up with. Your creativity as well as those ideas will be helpful towards outfit designs that you’ll come up with. 

So don’t get too worried that you can’t come up with any designs, because inspiration always strikes and soon you’ll come up with  a great outfit. Ideas don’t come easy, and trust me, I know that better than anyone.

When you want to sketch out a design you have no ideas, but when you are busy and or are sleeping, inspiration strikes. Well, at least that’s how my inspiration comes to me. And quite frankly, it’s irritating, but I’ve managed to realize that my best ideas come at the weirdest times.

And so you should understand that as well! Your inspiration will come at crazy times, or normal times, and so you shouldn’t force yourself to think of something, because I can assure you that will only help you stress yourself out. 

Sketching is filled with creativeness, and that’s what you’re going to need to make sketches and designs for clothing.

It’s not an easy task, nor it should be. When we all sign up for Fashion Designing 101, we should expect challenges to be thrown our way, and that’s most definitely what we’re going to get. 

For today, that’s all the tips and help that I can give!

What did you think of this post? Are you a creative sketcher? How many designs have you made so far? Where do you get your inspiration from? What times does your inspiration strike?

Until next time…

Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast. 


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