Blogger Bumps: Are They Okay to Have Them?

Is it okay to have blogger bumps?

Do not- I mean do not- deny this obviously true fact. Even though I am sure that we’d all like to say that we spew out ideas every day like paper shredders, we don’t. In fact, you probably have to take occasional breaks on your blog every once in awhile, because you’ve become so stuck in one place, that you just can’t see to think of one- just one- blog post. We might as well be as slow as my printer.

But, is it okay to have bumps along the road while blogging? Most bloggers don’t like to have to write out a post telling their readers this- that they’re in a rough patch and that they need a break. You’re a blogger, bloggers are supposed to be able to make endless ideas at ease, right? Why should taking a break even be an OPTION, when you don’t need it?

See, the thing is we don’t- at least I don’t- want to be the person to be needing breaks, to be having bumps along on my merry blogger way. Because if bloggers are supposed to be creative, then what’s the reason for them to lose their spark and need help?

I was never told that having small problems would be part of the hobby application!

 If I was told that beforehand, I probably would’ve asked for that to be taken out of the application, because I wouldn’t want to have those small troubles.

But those little troubles make all of us better writers and bloggers, because we get to experience things and learn from our experiences. But who wants to go through the annoying time of the mistakes? So if you haven’t gotten the general idea of what the answer is yet, the answer is a definite yes. 

You should embrace having to take breaks.You never know, you might justcome up with a good idea on your days off from blogging.

Having blogging bumps and taking breaks along the way, because of these breaks will overall help you to continue having those fresh ideas.

You’ll be able to create fresh good ideas, and your readers will hopefully understand that you want to give them good quality content, not just posts made in quick rushes.

Do you have blogger bumps? If you do have these, do you take the necessary breaks? What do you do to get new ideas flowing in? 

Whatever your strategy is, keep doing it, as long as it gives you a chance to take breaks every once in a while.
Until next time..

Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast. 


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