Bookish Book Times: If My Profession Was an Author, How Would I go About?


See, the thing is that being an author has been one of my many many, and many dreams. But really, some of us dreamers never actually plan out these so-called dreams. Not much people start writing the novels that they want to publish when they are older at a young age.

So what a fun thing to think about is, what would you write about if you were an official author? And if you’ve already spent time thinking about this and actually writing and publishing books, then congratulations to you! Because I know that I’d never be able to actually start that now, never mind later.


Now that I am finally thinking about this concept, I think that I’d be an author who wrote dystopian fiction books! Don’t get me wrong, fiction books are right up my alley. But I feel like in the future I might just want to do something other than fiction books because even though those books are fun, I think that I’ll want to do something different.

In much, much simpler books, I want to dig a new hole outside of my comfort zone. Sitting in that boring comfort zone has been good, but I just need something different! It would probably be hard- I know it will be hard- but I’d like a tough challenge.

I’d also like some… ADVENTURE! Having it be all writing wouldn’t be as exciting. From time to time, I’d like to be able to put away the writing for some time, just to take a break and to have some good fun.

Just from knowing me, I believe that I’d get slightly annoyed with the reoccurring schedule that I would be bound to have.

Write. Write. Publish. Draft. Write. Edit.

Not in that order, but I still wouldn’t enjoy having to go through with a continuous schedule, without some small breaks in between.

I know that there will be some struggles, but I hope for it to be as fun as possible.


If you were an author, what types of books would you write? What would be your daily life? Would you want some breaks in between, or do you prefer the working person? I’d love to know what kind of lifestyle you would have if you were an author.

Until next time…

Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast.





  1. YEEEEES. DYSTOPIAAAAAAN. I abosolutely LOVE dystopian! ❀ Actually, the type of dystopian is not like Hunger Games dystopian, or Divergent dystopian. It's… different. XD

    If I were to write and publish books (which is my dream), I would probably write fantasy, sci-fi, and dystopian books. Like, either individually, a mix of both, or a mash of all. The novel I'm currently working on (and will be discontinuing πŸ˜₯ ) is sci-fi/dystopian, but very loosely in both genres. And hmm, I don't know what my daily life would be! I mean, all writers procrastinate, so that would be in there SOMEWHERE, I guess… XD And agh, in order for me to be successful, I really have to commit, so I guess I would be the working person, with some breaks. πŸ™‚

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    1. A fellow fan of dystopian? Nice to meet you, you don’t really find much of those, haha! Oh really, I actually never knew that dystopian WASN’T books such as the Hunger Games. People say that all the time that those books are dystopian, so I guess I kinda believed it after a while. That’s a good thing that you’d be the working person, but I really guess that if you like it a lot it won’t be considered as work to you. You’ll most likely think of it as fun. πŸ™‚ But at some times when editing, I think that that would be the time when you’re allowed to rip your hair out and scream in frustration. YOU’RE WRITING A NOVEL, what’s it called?????? Also, is it a hard process? I’ve never actually finished a novel, yet I’m writing one at the moment that I’m falling in love with.

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      1. Oh, whoops! I mean to say that the type of dystopian I like to write is not similar to THG or Divergent. πŸ˜› Sorry for that mistake! And yeah, dystopian books can differ from those two main dystopian books. I like to think of those as “dystopian in the extreme”, because while dystopian places are not places you generally want to live in, it usually comes from a society viewed as utopia. But then secrets are found out and it’s found as dystopia. So that’s what I write. XD Omg editing is SO hard!!! I haven’t gotten to that full step yet, but I have edited some things before, only small chapters, and it’s so frustrating. *resists urge to scream* Haha, I’ve never finished a novel either! *high fives* The one I am currently writing is the one I THOUGHT I would finish, but after Camp NaNo in April, I’m discontinuing it because of plot problems. 😦 What is your current novel about?

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      2. Oh okay, that’s alright! Dystopian books are just so interesting to me, they are really just different from the average book that you’d normally read, like teen fiction books or YA reads. Editing is my fear, haha! I hate editing my work, because at first I think it’s amazing and then when I am editing, I basically want to scream and vent because it makes me think that my work is horrible. Even though I write well, it just plays weird mind tricks on me. Well played editing, well played. The idea for the novel I am currently writing was given to me by a Writing Prompt blog post. So as of now, I don’t really know where it’s going, but it seems to be going on the right track, so I don’t really feel the need to stop myself from writing it.

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      3. I like to just write first, and then when I have some drafts done I’ll start thinking about what I want to change and edit out from my original idea. I don’t like to change things, but I know that I’ll have to do SOME editing to at least have it make sense in some places, haha.

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