Bookish Book Times: Why I Enjoy Writing


You might either hate this, or you might just find me weird. But I’ve always loved to write papers for school. I loved to write them, and just everything about starting from scratch and finishing with a few pages about the desired topic. The idea of this to me was so cool, and so was the fact that I was able to do this so easily, and have it all come out so smoothly. With some major editing, of course.

Some of my friends have just called me weird for this small habit, but today I wanted to talk about it with you all because having fun habits is something that I am very good at. And this to me just proves that I am destined to become a writer, right?



Writing to me is similar to painting. You are starting out with a blank canvas. The canvas is completely blank, free for you to do as your big imagination desires. And as you continue to progress with your work, you fill it up with words, thoughts, facts, and details. You’re allowed to go as big as you desire, or as simple as you want. But it’s all your choice, your decision.

And the best part is that when you finish, the paper-the canvas- it’s completely tainted by you. It’s covered to the brim with all your thoughts and all your words. In simpler words, it’s your thoughts put into word form on paper.

So the fact that I am overall able to write my thoughts on paper, or just write a paper on paper is the coolest thing to me.

That my paper is personalized by me, and that nobody else can write what I am able to write- without plagiarism of course- all because everyone’s train of thought is different, that everyone’s mindset is different.

And that makes it so writing essays is also a personalized paper, no matter what the topic is or what it’s for.

It’s created by you.

All the work and all the tears, it may as well be a short version of a book.


Do you like to write? Have you ever written a novel before? I know I never will because I always stop short in the middle of it all, so I never am able to finish one. But if you like to write, you and I will become good friends.

Until next time…

Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast.





  1. I used to LOVE writing papers! I found it so exciting to plan my argument, craft my words, and revise my writing. I studied history in college, and I loved researching my topics and getting to know the people, events and places I wrote about. If that’s weird, well, I’m happy to be weird! 🙂

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    1. Someone who understands this, finally, haha! Researching the topic to get it all pieced together is my favorite part. Writing papers are my favorite way to learn things, even if it may be slightly tedious to start and finish it.
      I’ll be happy to join you in being weird.

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