What I Love About Traveling 

So, on Sunday my dad was talking to my family and me about the summer, and what we were potentially going to do if we were free and were completely able to.  And so as he was speaking about this, I realized my love of traveling, and I wanted to share all that with you all, including why I like traveling so much.

And I’m sharing this because I just think that my love for traveling is way up in the clouds, despite the fact that I only travel during the summer months. But even though I barely travel, I think that makes me love traveling more because I believe that if I always traveled, I wouldn’t get the same happiness and excitement that I have now when traveling.

To pack.

I don’t know why, but I find it so much fun to pack. I enjoy folding clothing and putting the clothing into my suitcase, and I also like to unpack.

It may just be a weird thing that I enjoy, but I do. I would tell you why, but I just don’t know why, it’s just a fun thing I enjoy doing, but only when I’m traveling.

Taking aesthetic photos of places that I’ve never been to before.

I like taking pictures -not of myself, though- of nature and everything in it.

Taking pictures is so fun for me, especially if it’s like a rare photo, a photo that I couldn’t take on a regular day. So traveling for me helps me get my photo count on my phone to about 1,000 or more, which seems fun.

Being able to eat different foods.

On a normal month, I’m usually just eating all the food’s that I normally eat unless we’re trying a new recipe or eating takeout from a restaurant.

So understanding that you might have realized by now that we don’t eat diverse foods every other day. As a family, we’re just eating the usual foods we eat.

So vacations and traveling for us is a time to try new foods and move out from out little “food bubble” that we’ve made for everyone’s convenience. It’s so fun to be able to diversify the foods that we eat, even if it’s on occasion because it’s nice to add new foods to the things you like or add foods to the things that you dislike.

You’re not as busy.

Normally, I’m just a wreck. Running around trying to get everything done, because it’s part of what I need to do for that day.

But if I’m on vacation, I can just pause my busy life, and move into a relaxing place so I can relax and just overall have fun.

I don’t have to go to school, I don’t have to do whatever I have to do because well, it’s a break from all that stuff. You can do what you want when you want, which is a good feeling to have when you’re trying to relax and get away from your busy routine.

Getting to do what you’ve never done before.

Getting to ride a rollercoaster, have fun in a hotel, and just much more fun randomness. You get to live life and just do what you’ve always wanted to do at your current destination, but never have gotten to do because.. well because you’re busy.

I know, it’s a pretty cheap excuse, but when you’re busy, you can’t manage to squeeze in things on your plate that’s already overflowing. So when you’re on vacations, I’m sure that I’d try to do as many fun things as I possibly can before I have to go back to my busy work-filled life.


And I think that is everything that I love most about traveling!

What do you like most about traveling? Do you awkwardly like packing as much as I do? And if you do, I think that we’re going to be good friends, haha!

Until next time…

Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast.



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