Bookish Book Times: Why I Love a Reading Groups


You may not know this little hidden fact about me, but I love reading groups! I’m not currently in a group, but if you count reading the same book with my siblings and discussing the book with them, then sure- I am in a reading group.

But I love the idea of being able to read the same book with a few of my friends and also being able to discuss the same book with my friends. I find it so fun to be able to share the same interests on something, even if it is through books.

But that’s not all, and today I’ll be explaining to you all some reasons on why I love to read in reading groups, or even to just read the same book with friends. So without further introduction, let’s begin!


You’re allowed to rant about the book with your fellow friends in your reading group.

When you’re reading a book by yourself you can’t just talk about the book you’re reading with other people. It would be just plain weird, because if they haven’t read the book before you could be potentially spoiling a book for them that they might’ve just wanted to read.

Also, it would be disrespectful to them, because you’re acting like they’ve read it before when they haven’t, and it’s just plain ‘WHYY’.

But if you’re out with two friends and you just suddenly start talking about some book with one friend who’s a definite bookworm it’s good for the friend who’s a bookworm. In fact, your friend who’s a bookworm probably is having the time of their life, while your friend who isn’t too fond of books most likely is feeling awkward because they’re the third wheel of the conversation.

So now in the reading group, you can have fun discussing the book with them, not afraid that one of them is going to feel like a third wheel.

I can get more reading done.

Usually, I never finish a book in a month. I’m one to procrastinate, so it’ll be like three months, and I’ll still be reading a book in March that I originally started in January.

But, if I’m in a reading group, I’m forced to make time to read the book with them so we can discuss the parts together, so I’ll have to complete the book.

It’s weird that I take months to finish books nowadays, but I still prefer reading in groups so I won’t be an annoying procrastinator. And the weird thing is, I only procrastinate when I read. It would be okay if I procrastinated all time so it would make sense for me to procrastinate also on books. But I only procrastinate on books, so I choose to read in reading groups so I can get more reading done in a month than I normally would do.

But I only procrastinate on books, so I choose to read in reading groups so I can get more reading done in a month than I normally would do.

You have an excuse to make plans with your reading group.

So let’s imagine that it’s a boring Wednesday, so no plans for you today. And as you’re sulking in boredom, you see the book from your reading group in the corner of your eyes. And this gives you an idea. You pick up your phone and go to the contacts to call one of your reading group buddies, or in shorter language, RGB.

“Hi, Margaret!” says your friend Jackie chirpily. You can tell from her voice that her day is going well. Touche’ Margaret, touche.

“So I was just wondering if you and the rest of the reading group could make it to my house for just a little discussion session if you have time for it that is?” You ask politely, you don’t want Jackie to think that you’re desperate to do something- even though you are clearly desperate to do anything. 

“I can make it, sure! I’ll just have to text Jasmine, Nichole, and Daxton to see if are able to make it.”

With a reading group, you won’t have to be bored anymore!

Hello, this is Marianne. I’m Miss Gianna Dino’s assistant in her work. I’ve come to add this small detail: you don’t need a reading group. This is only a fun post she’s written, and I hope you keep that fun aspect in the post. Thank you for your time, and you may go on to continue reading this post.

Reading groups can eliminate that boredom if your reading buddy doesn’t live with you of course. So take my advice and don’t use your siblings or parents as your reading buddy all the time.


And.. that’s my post for today! Thank you all for reading, it was a pleasure having you all here today on Bookish Book Times.

Until next time…

Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast.



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