Secret Life of Pets: Movie Review

“If I had a time every time I killed a person, I’d have one dime, because I killed that one owner..- Duke

“This may be the sausage talking, but you’re alright.” -Max

If you’ve watched The Secret Life of Pets before, then you’ll know that the quote above is from Duke and from the movie and that I am doing a movie review for it! I find movie reviews so fun to write, but I don’t want to limit this blog to only movie reviews. I want to keep it diverse like it is currently.

Oh, and these thoughts are my first initial thoughts that I had when I was watching the movie. I took some time while watching it to take notes because I really wanted to post a movie review about it for you all.

The beginning to me was very cool, how it showed the viewers the owners of the animals leaving the apartments, and when the owners left, the animals just acted like their real selves. When the owners were home, the pets acted respectfully and just obeyed their owners, but when the owners walked out of the front door, the pets just relaxed and did what they wanted to do.

But I found it weird how Max was the only animal in the apartment complex that was attached to its owner, and actually wanted Katie to stay. All the other animals that lived in the complex basically wanted their owners to leave so they could have their friends over and do what they wanted.

So when Katie came home at the end of the day with Duke, a new stray dog, Max became very jealous. He was used to having Katie all to himself, and I was just happy that Katie brought Duke. If she never brought Duke, Max would never learn that he had to fend for himself sometimes and that he wasn’t just the only thing in Katie’s life. I just think that Max thought he was the only thing important to Katie, but he surely wasn’t, and Duke was good for bringing that out in Max.

So, for my first impressions of Duke. I honestly found Duke so adorable and funny in the first moments that Katie had brought him home. He was playful and was just ready to start a new life with Katie and Max. And honestly, I loved how Duke wasn’t being mean to Max. He was a respectful big dog, and he knew where he belonged.

Max, on the other hand, was letting his anger get to him. He didn’t even know anything about Duke, yet he just got mad because Duke was interrupting his “perfect” and boring life with Katie. I just think that the change was needed in Max’s life, he couldn’t just be a pet forever. I hated when Max blackmailed Duke to obey him as Katie was gone, I just didn’t like how he was taking the whole thing to a whole new level.

But it was funny, I cannot deny that fact.

Max blackmailing Duke led to them getting into a fight at the park because Duke couldn’t handle Max acting like a rude leader. I didn’t like this fight at all because if Max hadn’t been mean to Duke they wouldn’t have fought in the bushes and got into an incident with the cats and get their collars stolen.

And again, this led them to be captured by the Animal Control. So again, fighting with Duke was a bad thing.

I might be talking like I hated the movie, but I really did like it. I liked the part when the small cute adorable bunny came and attacked the Animal Control member in the alleyway. But I do have some things to say about that scene.But when the bunny’s friends overtook the truck and started swerving and crashing into things, I found it absurd that the cages hadn’t busted open yet. I mean, the truck made really bad crashes, yet the cages survived…

Also, I’d like to make the point that I think that Gidget was basically AWESOME. When she first let the hawk free, she was oblivious to the fact that he had bones in his cage and that he almost was going to eat her. It was like she was looking past the strange parts of him and directly at his convincing and nice attitude.

And finally, I was happy for Duke and Max.

They got together and grew a great bond and friendship together, which made them great friends. It was fun to watch them grow a bond between each other, that was really something I liked to watch that was slowly happening.


So from reading all that, I’ve realized my what I want to rate this movie as. And this is…


This movie to me was very good, and I’d recommend it to anyone. But there were just some parts and scenes in the movie that I disliked, and I am sure they were just probably personal preferences.

If you’ve watched Secret Life of Pets before, did you like it, and what do you think of the movie as a whole?

Until next time,

Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast.






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