Bookish Book Times Discussion: Do You Have to Write Book Reviews? 

So I’ve been loving doing Bookish Book Times here on my blog. But I have been thinking about adding this, and I’ve finally decided yes. I want to have bookish discussions on Bookish Book Times, but not every Monday. Maybe every second Monday of every month will be good. 

But don’t think that I’m slowly transforming this blog into a book blog, because I’m not. I like to keep this diverse, I love having my options open to everything. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love reading book reviews. They help me pick out new books to get at my library trips, and I’m very thankful to the bloggers who take time to write those reviews, because sometimes they tend to be hard. 

But is it a like a job to them to have to be writing these and posting them up on their blogs, just because they’re book bloggers?

I myself have a few book bloggers that I’m close friends with. And I don’t mean to offend any, but how do they see writing book reviews?

Do they see it as a challenge or a job that they must complete, or just a fun hobby that they enjoy doing? I can’t really speak as if I am a book blogger, because I’m not. 

But I’m just wondering, is it because they have the title ‘book blogger’ that they must be writing these? But I don’t think that it should become a stereotype that book bloggers have to write reviews.

It just wouldn’t be fair to some book bloggers who don’t want to write reviews, just because of preference. In fact, no kind of blogger should have a stereotype, or have a list of posts that they should be writing. And I think this because every blogger should be able to make the rules for themselves on what post they want to write. 

Because if you just followed that stereotype and posted specific posts, I just think that your blog wouldn’t be yours. And I say this meaning that once you break the “rules”, you’d be free, and you just want to write simply whatever. 

And to me personally, blogging should be of what you love. Well not love completely, but something that you care about, you know? It shouldn’t be you writing, but you tied down by all this baggage that you think blogging comes with, but doesn’t come with at all. 
So thank you for reading that, it was fun writing a discussion. It was a good change from my usual posts, so I’ll be keeping this addition to Bookish Book Times, and hopefully you all will like these discussions. 

Until next time..

Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast. 



  1. This was a lovely post. I love these Bookish Book Times and I’m happy you are going to be posting more of them!
    Hmm, I consider myself a ‘book blogger’ but I hardly write reviews. My ‘book blog’ usually has bookish discussions, thoughts, lists and fangirling. I don’t feel forced to review a book, I only review books I have strong feelings about. It helps me express my feelings on a book, an author or their writing style. Sometimes, I LOVE LOVE the book and write a review and sometimes I get angry with the book (i know XD) and write a review.
    Unless it’s an ARC, I never feel forced to write a review on a book. ARC’s obviously require a review but they don’t feel as if it’s a burden. it just feels right since you got the book for free and therefore are obliged to write a review on your blog. I don’t mind doing that but of course, sometimes it can feel dire and cumbersome.
    I totally agree with you here. We shouldn’t stereotype what a ‘book blog’ is because I follow book blogs who don’t even write book reviews because they simply do not want to.
    And some people just assume it’s a book blog, but the author of the blog DOES NOT want it to be fitted into that category.
    Your post really made me thing so good job!

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    1. Thank you! I post Bookish Book Times every Monday, and the discussions will be every second Monday of the month.
      Exactly, I have friends who have book blogs, but they post more bookish things rather than book reviews.
      I love he points you’re making! I call my blog an “everything blog” because it’s diverse, and even though I’m not a book blogger or a lifestyle blogger, I still like to talk about that stuff once in a while. I couldn’t choose one topic, it was too hard.
      Followers of blogs should never expect a book review from a book blogger after they read a book, because it’s not something that they’re required to do. I think that would make a blogger feel pressured or want to quit, because they’re being expected to do this that they may not have enough time in their busy schedules to shove in.

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      1. Yes, Yes, and Yes! I remember some once told me that I should stop posting bookish things since blogs ‘should focus one topic’. Instead they wanted my blog to be centred around blogging tips. Being a bit of a newbie, i kinda felt pressurised but now I realise blogging about you and your passions!

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      2. Exactly! I personally think that if a blog focused on one topic, it would get boring eventually. Some bloggers probably can maintain their readers attention, but I know I couldn’t! Having a diverse blog is a good thing, it gives you freedom to write about whatever you please.

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  2. Reviews aren’t a requirement, I don’t think. I review books because I like to share my experiences but it’s not all I do on my blog, I’m not strictly just a book blogger. (All of my posts at the moment are book-related because I am too lazy to format the images for my photography posts for the web – procrastination is a killer.) I like to post personal things and random musings about the world.

    However, I do think that if you’re the kind of blogger who wants to be contacted by publishing houses and authors and the like that, yes, reviews are kind of essential unless you have another super cool way of recommending and encouraging sales of their books. I have wondered myself if there is a taboo among book bloggers about posting about multiple things on your blog – whenever I have been talking to people about blogs, and reading articles about how to get the best out of your blog, there does seem to be an atmosphere of ‘if you want to be successful, you need to choose one thing to blog about and stick to it’. I’m not big on that idea.

    Other than sharing my experiences, for me it is a way to keep track of what I’ve read and what I thought about it. (I do intend to blog about books I’ve read long before now as well, rather than sticking to reviewing books I’ve just finished.) I also enjoy it a lot, especially if a rant is necessary.

    Even though I’ve had my blog for a while, I am still just easing myself into this posting regularly lark so everything I’ve said in this comment could be complete and utter crap – cue nervous laughter.

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    1. Great points, I love the way you write! Posting as you said, “Complete and utter crap”, can be a good thing. It’s what you want to write, and if it’s what you want to write, your most dedicated readers will definitely follow along with you.
      I post book reviews (they aren’t good at all) on Goodreads, and although I don’t post them on my blog, I still find it fun t write them somewhere so I have to agree with you there.
      Exactly, if you want your blog to be more than a hobby, and read by higher up people then writing reviews are your forte’.
      I’m an everything blogger (I made that term up for myself) which means that I like to blog about everything. I don’t think that you should be forced to write about anything, as its your blog, so your rules.
      Thank you for commenting, I really enjoyed reading your points, and saying this again- your writing is literally amazing.

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      1. Thank you! (I’m always worried that my rambly way of writing is irritating, so many, many thank yous!) I’m still getting used to the idea of actually having readers, I’d never really thought about it before. It was just a void I shouted into.

        I do the opposite, I don’t post mine on goodreads – I really need to cross post though or at least link to them on goodreads.

        Everything bloggers are the best kind of bloggers, I think. You never know what they’re going to post about! It’s so nice not to be limited by one particular thing too.

        Thank you for posting! 🙂 (And thank you again, not gonna lie – that compliment is doing great things for my ego 😛 I’m having a very good self-esteem day now.)

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      2. Your welcome, your rambly way of writing is very appreciated. Blogging to me is still a void I’m shouting into, just that I have followers to hear my shouting.
        I hate being limited to things, I like to being able to have access to all my options, so nobody ever gets bored of what I write, including me.
        Your welcome, I love to post onto my blog, so it’s basically a recess for me, haha! I’m glad to have helped you boost your self -esteem for the day!


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