Looking Back at my Weebly Blog

looking-back-at-my-old-weebly-blogYesterday was a snow day, and I like snow days. Although sometimes it get’s partially boring sitting at home, so I obviously like to entertain myself. And at this time of entertaining myself on my computer, I found my old blog on Weebly!

I don’t use it anymore, but I never deleted anything on that blog before I decided on using WordPress, so it’s the same way from last time I actually used it. I looked through it and decided why not talk about this because the blog I have now and the blog I had then are way different. It’s a fun way to see how I wrote back then.

First, I want to look at the main design of the blog when you search its URL. The header picture is a photo that was made by the Weebly itself, and I just chose that one out of them all. I’m pretty sure that’s because I didn’t know how to make my own header, but that’s completely beside the point.


The post is short, but it’s a post I posted on that blog. Over there, I posted daily, and maybe even twice or three times a day. My posts were thought out, but they definitely aren’t like the posts I publish now.

They were always jumping from topic to topic, and I just think that they weren’t as organized as they could be. And they were just short bundles of work that I assumed I put so much effort in.

Moving on, let’s check out the About page.


As you can see in the photo presented, there’s a lack of words on the page.

I think at the time I didn’t know the point of About pages. I remember thinking that About pages were just pages where you splurged about yourself, but now I realize that that is the true point of an About page!

I now find it fun to update my page on my blog. I like the idea that each month when I go look back at the page and just read what I wrote last month. It’s fun to update it, I like keeping you all updated about me and what’s going on.

It would be just plain boring if you knew nothing about the person’s blog whom you were reading.


And that’s a wrap! I had so much fun looking down memory lane and just seeing a little glimpse of how I wrote and a bit of how I was like in my old blog. I like how in this blog I’m more myself, but it still was really good for a start.

Have you ever blogged on Weebly? If so, I’d love to check out the differences between your old blog and your current one. I think it’s a great comparison. Which do you like better, Weebly or WordPress, if you’ve used both sites?

Until next time…

Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast.


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