Bookish Book Times: There’s a Time for Reading, and There’s a Time for the Super Bowl

Who’s wearing their PATRIOTS jerseys today, and who’s wearing their FALCON jerseys!

Oh, and congratulations to the Patriots! Thirty-four to twenty seven, that definitely was something special. 

Every person who has liked books before has gone through a phase where books become a fun thing to do because soon you’ll realize that you’re having fun reading. And you’re so excited to be sitting down and reading, or listening to a book. It’s eventually going to happen, so just you wait.

And when this happens, you may just be having a little bit too much fun with it, so to say. And I say this because you will probably want to be reading during fun events with friends or families. Events like THE SUPERBOWL! The Super Bowl is a great event to be at, and it’s so fun to watch together with people. But if your bookworm side comes out a little too much, you may put all your money on reading, because it’s so fun, and you just have to be reading even in the most important times.

Because there’s a time for reading, and there’s a time for the Super Bowl. And the chances are you’d rather be reading than watching the game, so I’ll be talking about that. Plus, it only comes once a year, you have to have fun with it, right?

So with my own experience, I’ll be talking about this because I know I can tell truth, knowing that this has once been an occurrence for me.


You’re at one of your friend’s house, sitting comfortably on the couch. You may be comfortable, but you’re definitely not feeling what everyone else is feeling. You’re slowly becoming bored, while everyone else is filled with anxiousness and excitement of watching the game. Your friends and acquaintances have their eyes glued to the screen, while you’re looking everyone but the screen, giving the television a quick glance every so often. 

Julie- your college friend- leans forward and grabs a chip and pops it into her mouth. As she moves to sit back into her seat, she looks your way and gives you a smile. ” Having fun, Gianna? This is definitely the place to be during the Superbowl so you can count me as happy.” 

You nod while smiling, and you try to give her a response that gives her the assumption that you’re having fun. “Oh yeah, this is great! Plus the food is an added bonus!” 

Julie roars with laughter, and you force yourself to laugh, hoping it sounds realistic and not fake. She pats your back and then turns her attention back to the game playing on the screen, leaving you bored and craving for a good book to be reading. 


Just out of that amazingly good excerpt (made my me), you can probably tell that Gianna is not having a good time, and would rather be doing anything else but watching the game. But really, we should try to fix that, and I’ll give some tips and reasons why.
You can be reading at any other time.

  Liking books is a good thing, but you shouldn’t let it overwhelm you nor take up all your times. Books are fun, but there are just some times when you should be sitting back and having fun with other people.

Sometimes you can be reading books, and sometimes you should be out and about, having fun with friends and families. 

The Super Bowl is a fun interactive time for people, even if you aren’t into football.

Believe me, I’m not a football fan. I may like to support the Patriots, but the games sometimes just get boring to me. 



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