Sing Movie Review: Spoiler Alert

I watched the movie Sing today, and I obviously have some thoughts about it. So I’m very happy to be sharing my thoughts about it here, but it might not be spoiler free, so be careful!

Can we just talk about how adorable Meenah is? I don’t know her age, but she’s my favorite character in the movie.

But anyways, without further interruptions, let’s get started!
The movie first took place going around to each main character, showing the viewer a small backstory about the character, and how their lives were going at the moment.

I found this part to be very helpful as well interesting, because I got to “know” the characters, just through a small insight on their daily life.

Each character had the talent of being able to sing, yet each person never got the chance to let their voice loose, or sing at all for that matter. In simpler words, most of the main characters had the talent of being able to sing, but because of the way they lived their lives, they weren’t able to pursue their singing dreams.

Johnny couldn’t pursue his singing dreams because he was tied back into his father’s life of crime, Ash’s relationship with her boyfriend didn’t give her the chance to stand up and sing by herself, Rosita’s  abundance of kids made it impossible for her to take the time to sing or even have time for herself, and Meenah’s shyness prevented her from being able to go on stage and sing. They all couldn’t make their dream happen, no matter how much they wanted to.

But when Buster Moon made a singing competition at his theater to boost it up, all these characters saw the flyers for it and were silently or vocally urged to join.

I think that the competition made them want to sing more, more than they already had of course. Maybe, just maybe, that the competition was that extra kick that they needed to be able to go on that stage.

Also with the prize money being 10,000 dollars, that couldn’t have helped more, even if it was a mistake by Mrs.Crawley. The group needed motivation, and Mrs. Crawley couldn’t have done it better by having the window open in her office, causing the flyers to blow out so everyone would be able to see them.

Buster, Johnny, Ash, Rosita, and Meenah all had hard setbacks. They could’ve taken these as a chance to quit or come out stronger than ever. And seeing as they chose to come out better than ever, it made them become better people! Each character had different characteristics, even though they were all going for the same thing. I think that made the movie better because it gave the characters something different about each of them.

In fact, I think that the movie director intentionally made setbacks, like when Buster’s theater crumpled to dust. Making these setbacks just helped the movie get a real feel to it, knowing that a Disney movie wasn’t all butterflies and puppies, and instead is the real truth of how rock bottom businesses go.

How that something things can crash and burn, yet people are still able to pick up the pieces and start back up. It’s a good thought to have because most Disney movies are great, but I am sure that this is my most favorite so far. It has all the things that I’ve ever wanted in a family friendly movie, and I love that.

So overall, I think that this movie is going to be a rating of…


Five stars! I am not rating this five because I want to be nice. I am rating it like this because I really loved the movie, and that’s my opinion on how it should be rated.



      1. Yeah definitely! I loved how throughout the movie Meena overcame her shyness and just went on that stage and sang her heart out. She really blew the walls off, well one wall to be exact.


      2. Yeah, he was just filled with negativity and really only wanted the money to fix his dealings. Also, he just brought the other characters down with his rudeness towards them.


      3. Haha, yes. I love all those Disney movies, they’re so good. I’m actually preparing our snacks to watch Secret Life of Pets soon on DVD! We have our popcorn and stuff ready, we’re going to be watching it soon this month, haha.


      4. I got Netflix as a birthday present. Lately I’ve just been watching random movies on it, haha. I’ve never watched Glee though, I’ll definitely check it out, I’ve heard so much hype about it, yet I’ve never watched it.


      5. In p.e. they make us do SQUARE DANCING!!!And we have to learn the Cha-Cha!!! If I wanted to dance I would have signed up for the dance elective !!😒

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      6. Wow. In our P.E we have to do bonding activities, as well as dodgeball and volleyball, those kinds of games. It’s fun, but I don’t think all that’s for me besides volleyball, and everyone’s just so competitive and rude about all the games.


      7. Oh that doesn’t sound that fun. Volleyballs fun to play, especially in gym rather than playing volleyball, haha.
        You and I get along so well, do you have social media or anything that I could talk to you privately on? But don’t worry, I’m a nice person, haha.


      8. It’s when you dance to instructions sung by the singer and trust me you wouldn’t want to try it! We also do couples dancing which is the WORST!

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      9. Design Lab is a new thing my school does. It’s basically art and technology mixed together. It’s so fun because sometimes we do art, but sometimes we do art and technology combined.


      10. Cool!My school has boring electives like woodshed,yawn,and art which consists of watching how to videos.We also have computer technology which is on how to use google docs!

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      11. Oh wow. When I was little a sheep-I forget the animal- ate a ring off my finger. It wasn’t anything special. Just a ring from a birthday cake, though I was pretty upset.


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