Bookish Book Times: Why You Should Read Books


You hear the constant chatter about books, and yeah, books are fun. But you just might be wondering, “Why are books fun?”. And honestly, I have to agree with you, because before I used to be a kid who just despised books and never read. That was just one of my natural traits, but now I am a book loving human

So with that being said, I am going to tell you why you should read books. I am not going to force you,  in fact, I’ll be encouraging you to do so because I think that everyone should read books. Books shouldn’t be things for ‘nerdy’ or ‘geeky’ people, nor should that be a stereotype, by I think that if you find the right book, it’ll be good for you.


Let’s just start off with the basics. Why do you not read? See, there are plenty of reasons for us to have everyone read books. One would be you’d always be learning new words, and another would be you’d always be learning new things from the books you’d be reading.

But, I am aware that some people don’t like to physically sit down and read books, and that’s fine with me. Sometimes you may just not have the time to read books, and that’s not a problem because there are options, like Audible.

I don’t know of any other things you can use, but Audible is really great. It’s an app (I don’t think it’s a website..) where you can listen to your book instead of reading it. It’s great to use when you’re busy, or when you’re on the go and just wanting to get some “reading”. I am trying to slowly get myself into the habit of listening to audiobooks because they can come in handy and when I can’t read the physical book I just need to know that I have something to turn to.

I feel like what I just wrote was a bit unorganized and disheveled, so if you don’t get anything out of this post get this: If you dislike the book, it’s because it’s not for you.

When you’re bored, you can read a book. When you’re on a road trip, you can pass time by reading. Reading can be the cause of your biggest laughs or your largest tears. But the thing is, it all depends on the book you pick up. Fiction, Nonfiction, science fiction, YA books, etc. Your choice.

So when you’re at the library, you should read the description of that book. Because what’s the point of you picking up a book you know nothing about except how the cover looks? If you don’t like it, you’ll be regretting picking up that book at all, and then you’ll claim that you “hate” reading.

But tell me, do people really hate reading? I think it’s all about the book they’re reading. They dislike that book. They don’t hate the general idea of reading, and how can you hate reading? How can you hate something that you’ve only tried once? You have to read more than one book, more than one genre, to really have a strong opinion on reading.

And that’s how everything should be. You should really have to try something more than once to have a full opinion on it. One try cannot be how you describe something that you’ve never done before, something that you’ve only tried once. To me, it makes no sense.

So now after all that, are you going to try reading again if you hate reading? And even if you’re skeptical about it, just try it out. You never know what you might think. You might just like it.



Whew, that was definitely something! So, do you like to read? If not, will you be trying it out? If you do, definitely try out one book from each genre, you’ll be needing to find that perfect book for you!

Thank you for reading and…..


Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast.



  1. So many of my friends and family aren’t readers – apparently never any time. Audible is a great idea though and even I find I get through so many more books by just plugging into it when I’m walking around doing daily chores.

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    1. Yeah, I’ve been looking more into Audible and I’ve been loving it. It’s soon convenient when you’re too busy to actually sit down and physically read, and sometimes I just want to read without the “read” part. It’s a good habit to have at times. Also, it can introduce your friends who aren’t readers to a good world of books!


  2. I totally agree with you here. I have a friend who says she ‘hates reading’ but those 2 words can’t be in the same sentence. You see, she has read all the RUBBISH books and have got the wrong idea of READING. I’m in the process of forcing her to read all the nice books and trying to find her taste in books. I’m such a nice friend… XD


    1. You definitely are a nice friend, helping her find the right books that she’d like. Like I said, it’s all about the books that you read, and if you’re reading books that you ‘hate’, you’re going to dislike reading. But nobody, just NOBODY, can hate books! It just cannot be possible!

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