Bookish Book Times: Time to Clear Out Your TBR

You just have to be making space for new books, that’s something that you can’t ignore, especially if your continuously adding books to your TBR.

Let’s just face it, it’s inevitable. So just give in, and we here at Bookish Book Times are ready to help you out! Well, that is, if you want to add some new books to your bookshelf so it won’t be cramped with the books you don’t want to read anymore.

Last week we organized out our bookshelves, so to go along with that theme this week we will be clearing out our TBR’s of the books you no longer want cooped up in there.
It’s a great way to make space for the upcoming books you’ll see, and want to add.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Go through all the books, and take out the ones you probably won’t read. Not going to beat around the bush or anything, but your TBR is probably looking like a jungle right now. So what I’d suggest you do is to take it all the books that are in the back, because those are the books that are old, and the ones you never gotten to, and most likely won’t because you haven’t yet.

I have a ton of books in my TBR that I am planning to soon take out, it’s a sad thing to do but it’s for the best!

Make a list of the books you plan on keeping in your TBR. Don’t go all crazy and try to keep all the books. They may be your babies, but you got to let them fly free! The books that you plan on reading this 2017, this year, write down so the next time you go to the library you can pick them up.

I haven’t been to the library at all this year, which is probably why my TBR is growing so tremendously. But when I do go, which I hope is soon, I’ll be collecting four or five of books that I really do want to read.

Completely empty your TBR. I know, this sounds crazy. In fact it sounds completely bizarre, but just hear me out. I can’t even describe how weird it was to write that, because come on! It takes months to establish a long and endless TBR, and to throw it away? I could not do that at all, even if I’d be paid 1,000 dollars to do so.

Well.. I might do it in that case, but I think you know what I mean.

But if you aren’t into the cleaning and the organization, this is the second best thing so you’ll have a fresh start for the new year, all you’ll be able to add in all the books you want with no trouble!

Categorize your TBR into sections. This may take time, but whenever you can you could organize the fictions, nonfictions, YA books, science fiction books, and the many series. This will be easier so if you have your TBR written down like me, you’ll be able to see what books you plan on reading next.

And it will be easy to sift through, because the books will be in categorized sections! Also, you’ll get some brownie points for yourself, to have all the 1,000 books simply organized by genre? I’d be so happy if my TBR was like that.


And that’s all we here can think of today, so thank you for joining us! Have a nice day, and stay jolly.

If you all could not tell, today Miss Dino did not star in this Bookish Book Times. In fact, Marianne was the person who spoke and narrated today’s episode, so please give her thank you’s as well and anything you’d like. Do you think Marianne did a good job today?


Do you think Marianne did a good job? I do, because that was her first time doing a full show, and it certainly was entertaining as well as it was good. If you can think of any more efficient ways to clear out your TBR, please tell me in the comments below! I’d love to know some of the ones that you all can come up with.

And with that….


Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast.



  1. Wow. Yes, Marianne did do a good job this week. This post was really helpful, as I’ve got a GIANT list of books that I want to read. It’s gotten to the point where I will not allow myself to go to Barnes and Noble anymore because I don’t have enough space for new books, AND because I have to go finish the ones I already have. This post was extremely relatable. Thank you.


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