January 2017 | Monthly Wrap-Up


I find it so hard to believe that the first month of the year is already gone! The days have been going by so quickly, and I just cannot keep up! But I am glad that this year so far has been going smoothly, so that’s just one thing I am very happy about.

So I’ve been disliking the way my monthly wrap-ups are, so I am so excited to be changing that up in this post. New year, new changes right? I don’t think it’ll be too different, but do tell me if your thoughts on it, I’d really appreciate the feedback.


Thankful Thoughts.png

This year I’ve started to actually use my spare journals, so I’ve been writing down my daily thankful thoughts that I’ve had. To me, every day is a blessing and I think that you should never forget that. I’m having so much fun doing this each morning and night, I think it’s a great way to wake up, and an amazing way to unwind from a long busy day. Plus, it’ll be really fun to look back at the thoughts I’ve written down in December!

I don’t want to bore you with all of them, so I’ll just be telling you one thought for each week that I think really stood out from the rest.

The first week: I’m so grateful for what 2016 brought and am so excited to be in 2017. 

Second Week: I’m loving spending time with my family, and I am really hoping that we can do that more this year. 

Third Week: Great laughs make great days.

Fourth Week: This was definitely a good first month of the year. It was an amazing way to start the new year. posts-this-month

For this month, I think that my posting schedule was a bit crazy at the beginning because I was trying to figure out a new schedule instead of posting daily on the weekdays. So a number of posts here will probably be weird and unbalanced, but I was getting set up so I hope it’s alright.

But as usual, it’s quality over quantity. Never the other way around, so I don’t mind a number of posts listed below. I’m just very happy to be writing them, and happier to see them be published as soon as I click that button.

January 2017 Blog Goals and Updates

Starting next week…

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Bookish Book Times: Time to Clear Out Your TBR

Bookish Book Times: Why You Should Read Books


I have to say, all the posts I’ve written this month in January I am really proud of. They weren’t last minute posts and they weren’t rushed. I prepared for some of them at least a day in advance at the most and they all were ideas that I written down and planned to post soon, but hadn’t put a date on.

In shorter words, this month was a really great posting month and I hope I can continue with it like this because I’ve been so happy with how it’s gone so far.

solitude (2).png

Each month, I’ve been having an average of one book. And you might be like, “Why?”. So I am going to tell you why, because you might just be wondering why I do read one book per month.

I read one book per month because I am a busy person, and also because I am trying to read slowly. I try to read slowly because I’ve realized that when I read my at my natural fast pace, I don’t get much out of the book, and I am basically just reading words on a paper and getting nothing from it.  I want to get something out of the books I read, and I also want to understand what’s happening in the book, so I’ve been trying to do this a lot more and so far it’s going well, so I’m happy about that.

So with that being said, in January I finished Don’t Look Away by Donna Cooner. It was a great book, and I really loved it. I have to give it four stars!

My Writing Month.png

So, this January I read a comment by a blogger here on WordPress. I won’t mention their name in case they wouldn’t like that, but they basically encouraged me to do some creative writing, to check it out and see if it was for me. So I gladly took their advice and created an account on a website and app called Wattpad. I don’t know if you’ve heard of it, but so far for me, it’s been good.

I’ve started on writing the first chapter of a book I’m working on in Wattpad, and I’ve been having fun with experimenting with everything, and choosing how things will pan out. Also with my experimenting, I’ve decided I want breathing room in this, so I’ll be planning it out as I go.

That might not be a good idea, but I want to be able to use random ideas that pop up in my mind, without having to discard them because of my book that’s already tightly packed with things to write about.


I’d like some goals to make things more organized, but I want to make the goals have “wiggle room”. Basically, I don’t want to goals to become rules, I don’t want them to be anything strict. I want these goals to be things that I can be relaxed with, and just be things that I’d like to do by the end of the month.

  • Become more organized.
  • TRY not to stress over little things.
  • Have fun, and take small breaks when needed.


So on that note, January is over and February is now having a slow and good start. I’m just a little crabby because there’ll be six more weeks of winter, but the good part of that is I’ll get to wear winter clothing for a bit longer, so I’m just going to enjoy it while I can.

That was very fun to write, getting to remember some of the January memories! I hope you enjoyed it, and what was your favorite part of January? Was it the snow?

I hope you had a great January and hopefully an even better February.

Until next time…

Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast.





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