Aesthetic Photos that I’ve Always Wanted to Capture

If you follow my Instagram, you’ll know that I am very into the life of aesthetic photos and a non-matching feed. It’s just my thing.

In fact, everywhere I go I without a camera of a sort, I look at the nature and just see things that I find aesthetic and pretty and just want to take pictures of it! And it happens frequently, because nature is beautiful, so every little thing to me is camera-ready. I just love to take pictures of things like nature, but I am never one to take pictures of myself.

This may be slightly problematic in the future to look back at how I’ve changed and grown, but I do have to some pictures of me. Don’t worry. But taking pictures of nature and artsy things appeals to me more. I like the capturing the beauty of the world, there’s so much to capture so why not start? I just think that there’s no reason for you not to start capturing the world’s aesthetics, so I LOVE to.

It’s something that’s always come naturally to me, so today, I will be telling you the types of aesthetic photos I’ve always wanted to take pictures of and capture as a photo. There’s a lot, but I will spare you and talk to you about a couple of the ones that are my favorites.

But first, I present to you the…


Boring: Nothing is aesthetic about that photo at all.

Pretty: Meh, it could’ve been a bit more… aesthetic. BUT, it looks cool. 

Fabulous: The picture looks AMAZING, but it’s not the definition of aesthetic.



Now. Why did I just take time to make that for you all? Well, because that’s basically the rules I go by when I am making photos. Or when I am judging my photos or anything like that. I just think that things that are fun when they are aesthetic, which is why I have an Instagram.

But anyways, I’ll tell you all now everything aesthetic I’ve wanted to capture.



A Side view of trees in winter, with hanging on them.  I’ve always wanted to take a picture like this, and I don’t even know why I never have. It sounds like something really pretty to take pictures of, but I never have done it. Despite my mind continously telling me to take pictures of it, I don’t. I don’t know why, but I will try to take a picture of it someday soon.

Maybe I think it’s fun to go by scenery each day and want to take pictures of that scene, but I just don’t know the specific reason.

A shot of the camera facing down to my feet, preferably me wearing boots and leggings on a pavement floor. I actually was going to do this on Saturday before my family and I were going to go to the mall, but my phone was up in my room charging, and I wanted it to finish charging, so I did not get to take a picture of this.

Although, I thought of the perfect angles for this photo, so when I do it, it will look fabulous.

A house made of books! I’ve actually done a version of this before when I was younger. When we came home from the library with our books I would start to stack mine into a tower shape.

Houses made of books seem so aesthetic, and just overall gorgeous. Who can pass down house books? I know I can’t.


And those are all the ones that I can think of now that I know I’ve always wanted to take pictures of! That was very fun, especially going into my aesthetic side and talking about things like that.


Are you a very aesthetic person, or do you just like to take photos a lot? I have to say without a doubt that I’m aesthetic, I’ve always been one for artsy photos and creativity. It’s kind of that thing I’ve always had, but never really known for a while until I did one thing.

Thank you for reading, and until next time…



Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast.









  1. I’m on my phone looking at this post, so the pictures aren’t visible to me, but I completely understand. A lot of my pictures are of flower petals, leaves, or just random rocks and things I find outside. It’s easier to find a muse in nature. ❤

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