Moana Movie Review: Spoiler Free

I watched the movie Moana with my friend who a blogger here, Mr. Bookish! I know Mr. Bookish in real life, and when he offered to watch it with me I was so excited because I have been wanting to see it ever since it came out! So check him out here, because his blog is really great.

But anyways, Mr. Bookish and I watched it together, and I LOVED IT SO MUCH!! So I thought, “I should write up a post about this!”, so now here I am, doing exactly that. 

I haven’t done anything like this on my blog, but why not, it’s a change from the usual, and plus my blog is filled with diversity and surprises. I am so excited to do this because it is a change from the usual, and also because it seems like a great way to become a small movie critic, without actually becoming a movie critic.


From the very beginning, Moana to me was a very bubbly and outgoing person. She seemed like a person who if they were dared to do the impossible, would still try to go out and do it, knowing that it was a large possibility that she could’ve failed.

Even when nobody wanted to go out into the ocean, and even when everyone never had the idea of going out in the ocean to explore, Moana was there and suggested it. It was like she was an outsider in her own little community, the person who was the green crayon in a box dedicated for blue crayon. But then again, Moana tried to change this about herself, but it never really fully worked out as planned. Even as a baby, Moana was always attracted to the water, it was something that she as always fascinated about and drawn to time and time again. So I guess how much she tried, it would’ve never get away from her, because the water was just a part of her that she couldn’t take out, like her heart.

She also acted as she never really thought things fully out, just getting the idea and wanting to do it immediately.  For example, in the part of the movie when she was going out to the sea, it felt to me that she was just doing it out of “I can do this, and I won’t turn back”, energy. Like she was through with everyone telling her that the water was dangerous, and just wanted to escape that and achieve what she was meant to do. Like a YOLO kind of person, just like her grandmother.

H E I – H E I  T H E  R O O S T E R

Hei-Hei was so funny in the movie. He never talked, yet with just bonking his head again the wood seemed to be funny enough for me. But even though he never talked, Moana still acted like he was a human being and just scolded him when she needed to, and saved him when he clumsily jumped into the water.

He was clueless most of the movie, but I have to say, he was very helpful in certain times? I can’t say how he was helpful, I don’t want to be spoiling parts of the movie, but he certainly was.

For a clueless little bird, he certainly had a big personality as well as a funny little mind. And also, he was a very little helpful bird!

G R A M M A  T A L A

Gramma Tala to me seemed like the only person who fully understood Moana. Everyone told Moana that she couldn’t go out to the water because it was dangerous and that whatever she thought wasn’t simply not real, but her grandma was helping and friendly to her.

She was obviously friendly towards Moana because she was her grandma, but she understood her like she could simply read her thoughts like a book.

But honestly, she was hilarious. I have been saying that almost all the characters are hilarious, but they really are! I mean come on, it’s Disney! How could you expect Disney movies not to be funny and  friendly?

It’s like Gramma Tala was going through the same thing as Moana when she was a kid, which could be another plot idea for another movie? Because Gramma Tala was really understanding about Moana wanting to go into the water, and even encouraged it maybe?

Don’t listen to me movie directors, just a teenage blogger giving out her thoughts about a movie. But seriously, the sequel to Moana could be about Gramma Tala as a kid, but a different main problem? I don’t even know what I am going on about, but I think I am getting to something movie directors so email me for the details!


Before I’d ever watched the movie, I’d never see Maui before. You might think I am lying when I say that, but I never saw the commercials on television or the trailers. I saw like a couple, but I managed to dodge them all because I wanted to surprise myself at the last minute when Mr. Bookish and I watched the movie. I am pretty sure he knew how both of them looked, but I can’t be sure without asking him. I really only knew how Moana looked because she was more frequently shown in the commercials.

So when Maui came on the screen, I was completely baffled! Maui did not look like a demigod, and nor anything special. He just looked like a random man who never wore a shirt, only pants. Oh, and also like a person who had gotten a lot of tattoos.

But as I went on watching, Maui was love with himself? No, I don’t know how to say it properly, but really, Maui really loved himself. He was like a conceded person, but without the conceded part. You probably won’t understand that, but I hope you can.

I loved the fact that Maui could have his “tattoos” move around on his skin, and how the “tattoos could make their own choices for their movements. I found that pretty awesome. Partially wierd, but more awesome because at scenes during the movie he would have conversations with his inaudible “tattoos”.

T A M A T O A 

This man, this guy was awesome. I know he was meant to be a bad guy, but I thought that he looked so cool looking.

He was only in the movie for a short portion but he really stood out, and not because of his shiny shape, but because I found it hilarious that he was one to brag about himself. As soon as he came onto the screen, he looked like a large light bulb with eyes and a face. But then again, he was very fond of shiny things, so you can’t blame him for that.

K A K A M O R A 

The Kakamora were adorable, so adorable. I found it so hard to believe that they were bad people, but really, look at their faces!

Their facial expressions were to be plastered onto their face, meaning that they had to switch out the facial expression that they had on if they wanted to change it. For example, if a Kakamora had a mad face on yet wanted to be happy, they just have to swipe their hand over their face in a quick motion, and then they’d have a smile on their face.

Even though they had such smart tactics, I could not help but marvel at how cute they were, even when they were mad. My love for their cuteness overpowered their mad faces, which is pretty good if I do say so myself.


And that’s all the things I picked up from the song.

But overall, I found the movie great. And I am not just saying that because this is a review and should be all positive. I am going to be honest with you all because there would be no point in writing this and posting it if it didn’t showcase my true thoughts and feelings towards the movie.


Have you watched Moana yet, and if so what did you think of it? Who was your favorite characters, because mine was definitely a tie between Maui and Gramma Tala. I just couldn’t choose one, it was so hard to pick between them!

But to be a little bit more specific, what’s your favorite Disney movie? Tell me in the comments below, because I love Disney movies, although I cannot figure out my favorite one, they are all so good.

Until next time.. img_0101-1

Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast.




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