The Time to Evaluate Why You Blog

Hello! I am very excited to be writing this, because it’s focused to all you bloggers out there! I’ve been thinking about this post for a while now, so I am glad to be doing this post.

It’s a couple weeks after the beginning of the new year, and as hard as this sounds, it’s time to start evaluating why you blog.

Why you may ask? Because you shouldn’t be blogging if you really don’t even want to blog. You may be blogging because last year in August you were really loving blogging, and it was a passion for you. But now that you’ve actually sat down and gave some time to think about why you blog, you now realize that blogging is not something you care about doing anymore.

And that’s okay, you shouldn’t be doing something you don’t want to do. So this is a great time to figure out if blogging is still something you want to do.  I myself have done this, and found that I still think of blogging as passion, it’s good that I did this, its very helpful. 

So with all that being said, get snack, sit down alone or with people, and we shall start.

Good question.

To start, you should go to your writing spot, or to your  writing room. Get out whatever you use to blog, and just start to  write.

When you are writing it should normally feel fun. There should be some kind of feeling, mostly happiness, that should start to erupt in you when you are writing. That is how I feel when I am writing anything, or reading anything. But what I am trying to say it that whenever you write, there should be a feeling of joy or something like that. It should not be a feeling of “Ugh, time to quickly get a post up.”

But if you feel as if writing is a job you have to complete, then I must say, it’s not the thing for you. Writing a blog post should never feel like it’s a burden or a job that you must complete. For people who really like it, it’s fun. It’s like playing on a playground, swinging around on a swing, or going down a slide and laughing your head off. At least that is my explanation for it. And I am happy that I find it so, relaxing. I can just sit down, and write. And when I do, it feels.. well it feels relaxing, and really fun just to let all the words spill out. Just to let yourself calm down from a long day.

And that’s part of the reason why I blog around 4-ish, and post around 5. Because it’s that part of the day, I get to unwind and just let myself loose, you know.

Because during the day, I just getting these thoughts of me wanting to go home and sit down and write a blog post, and this is usually when a day is interesting. Sometimes I just like to blog about my day, and you’ll be seeing that a lot this year, not all the time, but quite a bit. Days can be stressful, and for me, my antidote to fix that is to blog. Because you all will read it, and I guess that’s enough for me.

Of course, my little rant up there won’t be a game changer for anyone. It might make you think, but not hard enough it figure out if blogging is still for you.

So being the nice person I am, I am going to give you some questions. You don’t have to answer these questions to any person, they are just questions to make you think. To help you figure out if blogging is still for you.

  • Does blogging feel like work to you?
  • Do you still feel the excitement of sitting down and writing a blog post?
  • Do you see blogging as writing a paper for homework, like something you don’t want to do but have to do?
  • Could you maybe consider to write a novel story, would that be something you could be interested in?
  • If you lost the password for your blog, and could never blog on that blog again, how would you feel?

If you answered those questions privately as you read, I am sure by now you have your answer.

If blogging isn’t for you, you shouldn’t have a blog, and that is okay. Some things aren’t for everyone, and even if it was before, you’ve changed what you liked and hate over the years, so it makes sense for blogging not to be something you like anymore.

And if it’s for you, that’s great. Having a blog is great, and it’s so fun to be around such a friendly blogging community. Writing is a great thing to be into.

And now you know! Whichever you are, a blogger or not, it’s okay. You should be happy with everything that you do, and if blogging isn’t part of that, then it shouldn’t be in your day.

Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast.



  1. This is a great post! Honestly, I really thought while reading this. In the beginning, I really loved to blog, and recently it has seemed a little like homework. Homework where I can make whatever decisions I want and have lots of room for creativity, but still homework. I realize now that it seems like that because school is going on, and I started my blog in the summer, more specifically during the part of the summer where I had nothing to do. I posted almost every day, but when the school year started, I had to realize that I’m really not the kind of person that has lots of time to post multiple times a week. I am really involved in so many different clubs and organizations, it’s crazy, and so far January has been my busiest month. You should see my calendar. 😉

    But I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stop blogging, really. I now have a new, comfortable spot where I can wind down, watch Netflix, and write a new post on WordPress. I feel like my posts will (hopefully) start to be a little less random, but really, sometimes, I’m just in a random mood.

    I don’t know how you thought of this post, but I really related to it, and I don’t have any doubts that other people will relate to it, too.

    Thanks so much for a great post!

    Yellow Eccentricity
    (I love how I always feel the need to sign off…)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. Blogging for everyone can probably seem to start out as homework, it’s just like writing a paper for a class, so that is probably what you’d normally associate it with. But if you act like it’s homework and simply don’t like it, then that’s where you shouldn’t think of it as homework. It should still be fun for you in all ways.
      I don’t think anyone can maintain one schedule throughout all the time that they blog, you daily life’s time system will change, so the same with your blog one.
      My posts are usually random, but I put my most effort that I can, because I don’t really want to be tied down to one topic for a blog of mine, if you can understand what that means.
      Thank you so much for commenting, it was a pleasure reading it all. Also, I love your blog name, ‘Yellow Eccentricity’, it sounds so cool.


  2. Great post! It is really important to feel that boost of happiness when you write a post. The sense of pride you get when you finish a post
    and it is done well is amazing!


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