Bookish Book Times: How to Dive in 2017 with an Endless Amounts of Books


Marianne has recently been rehired due to the fact that we like her better than George, and that we were being to hard on her in the holiday season. So in this news episode, Marianne will be back. Do not be alarmed, she is an amazing worker on the weather. She may get on our nerves, but she deserves this job. Sorry for the interruption.

Hello, and welcome to another read of our newspaper, Bookish Book Times! Can you believe that this is the first published read this year, I am so excited about that. Such a wonderful joy to be here today, but since it’s the new year, I want to go on with something related to the topic of that. 

But before I go any further, I’d like to hand the spotlight over to my friend Miss Dino! 

Thank you Marianna, I’m very glad to have you here in the new year of 2017. Today, topic will be about how you should dive into the new year… with books! 

Everyone I know probably has talked once to me about how they are going to read a good amount of books this year, and dive into the year with a head’s start on it. But really, I must say, I don’t think many people have an actual working plan on how to are going to do this. So I am going to talk about that today, and give you some ideas made by me on how you could start off the year with good hope in your reading counts. 

Now, without any further interruptions made by me, we shall start! 
Make a list. I am sure everyone can say how many books they want to read this year as a goal, but they don’t have a good starting point. 

Making a list will be very beneficial to you, mostly because in this list you should write down the books that are the main ones you plan on reading first. To be specific, the books that you have been craving to read for a LONG time. So by the end of the year, you’ll at least have the books you really wanted to read, done and out of your way. 

Have a schedule for days to go to the library. You don’t have to buy all the books you want to read. The library is another great alternative to getting all the books you want to read, FREE. Plus, it’ll keep your money stash all healthy and full, so when you can’t find this you be book anywhere, THEN you can use the bookstore as your option. 

I wouldn’t go to the library every day, it seems like a wonderful idea to do so, but I could not possibly keep up with returning all the books without losing them. It would get to overbearing. 

Try to read the books from your TBR list first. It may be slightly tempting, but before you go running off to get new books to jam into your TBR list, you should try to get some books checked off your TBR from 2016 first. It would probably make it much more easier to walk smoothly into 2017, especially with a great and easy TBR to maintain. 

And that is all we have today at Bookish Book Times! We thank you for joining and being a part of our show, even in the new year. It has been hectic trying to get back in track, but I am glad I have managed to do so. 

Please join us next week with another weekly Bookish Book Times, and see you later!

Hello, and how was that? How do you I keep up with your growing TBR? I am sure that I did good, but if I missed anything feel free to write them in the comments. I’d be glad to know some things that I did not add into the post today.  

I will also be doing a post soon next week about something I think that will be very fun to write, but I don’t want to tell, so if you would so kindly fill out this survey for an upcoming post that would make my day!  Here is the survey:

Have a merry day, 

Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast. 



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