December 2016 | Monthly Wrap-Up

Hello, and Happy New Year! This year, 2016, I have to say was very eventful and great. In some ways, it could have been better, and I wish for it back. But I am so grateful for how everything is going, so I am going to let the world do it’s thing. 
World, whatever you are doing, keep doing it. It’s working. But it’s time to welcome in 2017, so goodbye 2016, you were a good one.

I an experimenting with the titles of these monthly posts, so forgive me with these changing titles. It’s really confusing, but I think this is the final copy. I like it, ever since I found that vertical line in the keyboard. I think that I may be slow with discovering old things, that others have already known about. A little weird fact about me. That I cannot make a decision for the life of me, and that I discover old things a while later when they stop being new.

But, since it’s January, it’s time to do a monthly post! Exciting, I know. Over the period I was on a blog break, I was doing some stuff for upcoming blog posts and getting some new things to experiment with in my blog posts. So I was not really on a blog break, I was more like cheating through it. But I did spend the holidays with my family and friends, so do not worry my friends. I spent the holidays well, so I am very happy about that. 

This December being the last month of the year, I really wanted to have some stuff that I really wanted to do, to keep myself in order with all the craziness going on. 

I also really wanted to have some blog goals/expectations I really really wanted to reach, because since this was the first December of my blog, being me I wanted to try to make it good. Hopefully I fulfilled that goal. 

So with that being said, here are the goals I had in December. 

• Post some holiday related posts. ✔️

•Have fun with my blog, don’t let it overtake all my time and become a burden, or a job I have to do. ✔️

•Take some time away from my blog, and spend the holidays well. ✔️

• Try to complete my holiday write and post it onto my blog. ❌
I completed the holiday write, I didn’t post it. By completed I mean that I wrote it, but didn’t edit it. So it basicslly was a walking piece of garbage because it had mistake all over the place. But that was the only goal that I did not manage to complete, so I am fine with that. 

I have been off my reading game lately, but honestly, I am fine with that. I think that it’s good for me to be taking this reading break, and it’s fine because I am getting things done that need to be done. 

This December I started the book ‘Can’t Look Away’ by Donna Cooner. And without giving any spoilers, it’s going great so far. I am really loving it, to be honest.

The book has been good good so far, and I am anxious to complete it, although I want to read it at a good pace so I can understand what’s happening clearly. 

Haha, no. I know you just want me to snap and tell you the new things, but I have something very special planned for that. 

But I have an announcement that I want to make, but will talk about more in another post: I want to start to not be posting 5 days a week, one post each day. I want to change that to a lower amount. 

I can’t say any more, because I don’t want this to become a totally different post than it is meant to be. 

So with that being said…. that is the end of that portion. 

Let’s do a little throwback and go through the posts of this month. Shall we? Yeah, we shall. 

If you would like to check out any of these that appeal you by the titles, feel free to do so. 

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November Dinosaur Party:

Welcome back, and I hope you had a lovely holiday spent well. I am sure that I did, it was a fun filled weekend, and a weekend with way to much laughter and excitement. 

I think that I did this post a little late, because my blog feed has been filled with ‘Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017’ kind of posts as well as Monthly Wrap Ups. But at least I am doing it, right? 

Have a fun-filled day,

The Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast. 


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