Last Minute Christmas Preparations Everyone Does

Last minute christmas preparations that everyone does (1).png

STAHP. You are not one of those crazy organized people who are ready for Christmas on December 1 or earlier. DO NOT LIE TO ME PEOPLES, BECAUSE NOBODY IS LIKE THAT. Nobody ever can get organized for Christmas IN TIME for Christmas, because that is like.. impossible, so I would like to be a good camper, and help out the other fellow maniacs running around at last minute… by telling them everything they are doing! I am so smart I am able to make fun of others. Fun right? Definetly Definitely.


Getting the “main” Christmas presents last.

WHY?? This part baffles me a very lot, because why? I can see how, you get distracted by other more expensive presents you need to get first, but meh. So you just leave the family members to last, which causes just a minor HUGE chaos. But come on, think child! The best if first and the ‘meh’ people are last. Easy as buying a present. Ha, no. Buying presents are not easy, so do NOT go there.

Forgetting some ingredients you need to make certain food dishes.

This happened this year in my family, but it worked out well, so nothing problematic happened. But you should make a list. I would, but my mom refuses to use a list for buying anything, so oh well for us. But you? Don’t think, make a list, so you DON’T HAVE to think. WHY? Because thinking is hard, and this is just way easier, trust me. I don’t think at all (I think WAYYY to much) and I am perfect (Ha, perfect. That is a total lie.) so I know all.

Secret Santa. That is all I can say, because you know.

Secret Santa can be fun, but also stressful. How do you know that what you get them that they will like it? How do you even know if you will have TIME to get them something? Ugh.. the horror. But it’s fun when THEY get you something. I am so hypocritical, it’s really weird. but meh. So, as I was saying, Secret Santa is basically a secret way of spending extra money on presents, but it’s supposed to be in a good way. OH, AND I AM SO SORRY IF I AM BREAKING YOUR BEAUTIFUL DECISIONS ON SECRET SANTA, SORRY! I just must rant about it, it’s a rule here.

Last but not least, the wrapping.

Wrapping to me is EVIL. How can you wrap correctly? Please tell me, because I literally don’t know how. It’s so hard, but it literally looks so easy when people who actually know how t wrap. But I, like the horrible wrapper I am, put it off until last, and then at the last minute am running around buying wrapping paper. Why am I buying wrapping paper? Because I destroyed all the wrapping paper I have because wrapping paper is evil and I don’t want it in my home. Fun.


I find these true, mostly because all of these happen in my house. Sometimes also when my mom has no time on her hands, she simply buys cookies for our neighbors instead of baking them. She is a whole-hearted women, just one with little time.  I hope you enjoyed that, it was very fun to write.

Stay jolly for the holidays,

Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast.








  1. before I was married, i WAS one of those “Done by December 1st” kinda people. It was glorious. and when i say done i mean.. purchased and wrapped with tags on. Tree decorated. everything. Now that there’s other people involved, we finished everything on Tuesday and it gives me the largest case of anxiety, it’s still present and we are still.. done. all we have to do is clean the house for the party tonight- and its only messy because there’s kids living there!


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