Dear Santa..

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I wouldn’t like you to go out of your way to get me anything, I think that I am already grateful for everything that I have. But I would like to thank you, because I don’t think that enough kids send you thank-you letters saying that they are thankful. This season of the year is especially busy, and I can see why. You have to send a lot of presents to all the kids in the world who believe in you, and all in one night. You basically are sleeping with the elves in the workshop with the amount of work that you have to prepare and finish. Mostly because you have NO TIME to go to your house in the mountains and then sleep. Like no. Like tell me, is it easy? Wait, don’t tell me, because I can kind of figure that it is not easy.

But hold on Santa, just let me relax and fantasize. Because I am writing a letter to Santa! So if you don’t mind, I would like to ask you some questions. Do you have the elves on the shelves hiding out in each person’s house to see what children would want? Because how do you, by yourself, find out what EVERY child in the world wants, without stalking them? WAIT. WAIT. Do the Elves on the Shelves watch us for you Santa? Because that would make so much sense, instead of having you to do all the work. Which would probably make me SO tired, but then again, I am not you, so go ahead, have fun. So I am going to ask you some questions in an orderly fashion, about you, your secrets that I know you have, and some fun facts about you.

Oh, and I expect a letter back from you Mr. Claus. I am not no jellyfish, and will be able to tell when you’re trying to outsmart me with your jolly self. So you better get ready with those fingers to start writing. I can get the elves to watch you, so keep a look out mister.

So, when it’s not freezing and it’s not close to the December season, what do you do? Do you just WORK, WORK, AND WORK? Because if so, those elves best be going on strike for working and never getting a break. They don’t need to be working all day of the year, ESPECIALLY WITH NO PAY!! Do you pay them, because in the movies they don’t seem like they get payed. They seem  like they work for.. fun.

Welp, thank you Santa for your company. Well, your imaginary company, because you aren’t even here. But still, I used you. So thanks.


Thanks Santa, and I hope you enjoyed that! It was a little Christmassy post that I wanted to fit into here, so I hope you liked.

Stay warm and jolly,

Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast.


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