How to Join the Bookworm World


Hello, and since yesterday I did a post about how I was introduced to books and how I became a bookworm, I thought it was only fitting if I did something today about how to join the bookworm world. Because even if you are a bookworm, you must be accepted by the high honor, THE BIBLIOPHILE! And you must be a lot of things, so I thought I could come in handy and help out.

Because as a Lady of the Dinosaurs, being a bookworm is my main priority, so why not share the rules and secrets of how to? There’s no reason why not to, so I will. And even if there is a reason not to- SHHH- don’t tell the bibliophiles.


Being a bookworm is.. fun, hard? I can’t say, I have been a bookworm since I was in fourth grade, and being a bookworm is hard work. It is also fun, but being a bookworm means commitment. You can’t just go out there and say that you are a bookworm when you just buy books and you put them on your shelf to take #shelfies. Like that will not classify you as a bookworm, it will in fact classify you as a liar, because you take all these photos of books that you don’t read. You just ignore and make them cry.

By joining the bookworm, it means you must have the ID card, a library card. If you don’t have a library card, how will you be able to read books without buying them? Every bookworm started out with a library card, and if you don’t have one… WELP, YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED.

Not seriously though, but you should have some way of being able to get your little hands on a wonderful magical book. Without a book, how can you sit down and do ANYTHING??? How can you watch a TV show knowing that you have ZERO ACCESS TO READING BOOKS FREELY?? HOW CAN YOU LIVE THAT WAY, HOW???

You should be reading at any spare chance you can get. Doing homework? Read. Taking a jog? Listen to a book as you jog. Shopping? Slip some books into that cart and get to reading them. Eating food? DUH. This is obvious, read as you eat. Reading must be your second nature, something that you can do easily, in fact so easily it becomes like a limb to your body.

So yeah, simple right? No, it is not simple.

You must be able to do math, you must always be calculating how much money you will have after you waste 127072 dollars on a good looking book. Which never works out well, because you will still use that money to buy that book, and even like 700 more books maybe? So by the time to get the last book you think is gorgeous, you will have a penny left to spare, and will be walking home empty handed from all money, but stuffed with books.

Weird, huh? That is the life a bookworm.

Being a bookworm is seriously, and yet freely. But not too freely. You don’t want to end up to be the bookaholic that has 90 bookshelves filled to the brim with books, then also has a house filled with books to contain all their books. Well. now that I come to think of it, it could be a good thing to become that bookworm.

Owning books is fun. Not as fun as #shelfies or reading the book, but just as fun.


Today’s post was meant to be a more fun post, just to let you all know. Are you a bookworm?

Thank you for  22 FOLLOWERS!  I can’t give myself followers, I earn the readers I have. And I guess that seems people seem to like what I have been writing, so I am so thankful for having people who like things that I write that I actually mean with truth and heart.

That may not seem like a lot, but for me it is a huge goal, and I am so happy to have 22 followers, as well as 22 readers. Thank you all again, I can’t say it enough.

Have a wonderful day,

Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast.



  1. Congrats on the followers!! *flings confetti* And YES the bookworm life is equal parts gloriousness and actually hardness.😂 I’m currently trying to figure out which books to buy right now that fit with my budget haha. #suffering And having a house full of books? TOTALLY WORTH IT. I’m sure it doesn’t matter that they might all fall on my head and squash me flat. It’ll be fiiiiine.😂


    1. Haha. Thank you. I am trying to find out a way to get myself books as presents without seeming greedy. But also trying to save my money. BUT OH WELL, BOOKS ARE NEEDED IN MY HOUSEHOLD.


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