How I was Introduced to Books and Became the #Bookworm I am Today

Ahh, being a bookworm is a hard job. Cuddling up with books to read, giving books more attention than your friends, buying an excess of books when you don’t need them. The life of a bookworm, and I right?

So now, you may be wondering, how did the great Lady of the Dinosaurs become a bookworm? Well, even if you weren’t wondering that before, you certainly are wondering about it now because I put it into your lovely sparkly mind. So, I being kind and simply WONDERFUL, I shall sit you down and tell you all the story of how little old me because an obsessed bookworm.


Starting off, I used to be a book hater. I know, that is super scary, but don’t worry. It gets better. So as I was saying, I used to be a little child who would never ever read, unless we were forced to do so for school summer reading, reading class books, or when my parents made me sit down and read because we watched TV too much. But besides that, I would not read. Reading to me was something I found- this hurts me to say- BORING. Now, all the bookworms all over may come and hit me repeatedly with hardcover books.

But one day in third grade began a program. This program was about having to read about 100 books in about… three months? I forgot the amount, but you had to read a lot of books or else you would not be able to win a MEDAL. And since I was in third grade, I had never gotten a medal, so my little self was bursting with joy.

But see, the thing is, I became literally addicted. On that day when I got home I literally threw my stuff on the ground and searched the house for a book, and then read the book and wrote it down on the list of books I had read. The books were usually toddler books, because that was the only books we had owned at the time, but I still would read them so I could write down that I had read the book.

When my mother would call me to come eat dinner, I would bring the book to the dinner table and secretly read it when she wasn’t looking. She eventually caught me, but I still was reading a lot. And the only reason I was reading was because I wanted to win. I did not care about what was happening through the books AT ALL.

But when I had read all the books in the house, I begged and whined for my parents to take me to the library, and they eventually did. And when they did, I didn’t get toddler books. I got books for my age group, even a little bit older, so I actually enjoyed reading the books. It wasn’t just me scrambling through the pages so I could write it down.

I started to actually like reading, and then when the program ended, I did get an award, but I was happier about reading.

And then I went to the library for the first week after the program.

And the second week after the program.

And the third week.

And the fourth week.

I think you get my point, but I got a lot of books, phew, it was like fifty in one checkout. And when I did that, the lady checking them out would say, “Sweetie, are you sure you can read all these books in three weeks?” And I would say yes, because I was a fast reader. I was like the Flash. My parents thought I was crazy, because I actually was reading books instead of fighting them to let them let me not read.

And then I bought books, stuffing them into my small bookshelf. Even though they did not fit, I tried to squish the books in without hurting them, because we all know books have feelings. DUH.

So.. that is the story of how I became a well-respected bookworm.


How did you become a bookworm? Did you hate reading before read the book that changed it all? What book for you changed it all?


Stay proud as a bookworm,

Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast.



    1. I have to agree with you. I started reading when I was in third grade, and have been hooked ever since. If you are reading something you don’t like, you won’t like reading so you have to search the library for a book that fits you.

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  1. I became a bookworm because my parents had books everywhere in the house, and reading was considered the best past-time. My dad once told me he might not buy me everything, but he’d buy me all the books I wanted. I’ve always loved books, but I remember reading Wally Lamb’s I Know This Much is True and knowing then that I wanted to become a writer. Dedicated bookworm, too! 🙂


    1. I don’t buy books much, but I do use my library card a lot. I have always wanted to become a writer ever since I started reading books. Being a dedicated bookworm has always been a want because I want to have those pretty aesthetic photos of piles of books.


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