Secret Blogger 2016

OKAY, OKAY. I know that I never post on Saturdays or Sundays, but this came to my mind recently a moment ago, so I wanted to make it official. I did not want to wait for tomorrow or some other day to write this post. Plus, isn’t a blog for this type of stuff, making ideas come to life? Okay,so this may be a horrible idea, it may be a good idea. But I am thinking that to get into the holiday spirit, I want to do a Secret ‘Santa’. The word Santa is in quotations because it’s going to be Secret Blogger instead of Secret Santa.

Shall we get into the rules and instructions and rules? Yes, yes we shall.


For this challenge, you must write a post dedicated to any person that you choose. The post has to be about something that the person you dedicate it to likes. So, in shorter words, it has to be something that that person you are dedicating it to will enjoy if they read it. Make it a surprise for them, you want that person to actually be surprised and happy that they were chosen to have a post dedicated to them.

This challenge be pretty hard, but I find that you have to read the person’s blog that you choose if you want to know what they like. Be glad the Lady of the Dinosaurs gave you a hint, I was going to let you loose in a jungle full of tigers.


  1. You have to link the person that you are dedicating the post to in your post.
  2. You cannot let the person that you are going to be doing a blog post for know beforehand that you are dedicating a post to them. They should have the full reaction they do to the post that you will writing for them, a reaction of surprise and happiness.
  3.  The post should be festive and fun, it should outline the fun and positive things that the person likes, try not to make anything negative shine through in the post.
  4. Don’t write about anything that you knowingly know that the person dislikes, remember, the point of this is to make they happy and surprised.
  5. Be friendly to the person through blog comments or liking their posts. You wouldn’t want them to think that you are simply dedicating it to them because you can’t think of anyone else. But if you like something of theirs, like it because you actually like it. Don’t like or comment on it because it’s a rule.
  6. The person who you dedicate post to must respond doing a post that dedicates to a person that they choose.

I will be dedicating my Secret Blogger post to the blogger who’s website is: . But shh.. don’t tell him I am dedicating it to him, because I am not doing the post today. I am doing it later this week, so keep the secret for a little bit longer please.

I really hope that people will do this challenge, that would really make my day because not much people get enough credit for blogging or anything. People should get a post that is mainly for them, and that bring them happiness or such. Having a post that talks about something that makes them happy, would that make you surprised or happy? I think that it would really make someone’s day, I know it would mean a lot to me.

Have a snowy day,

Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast.



      1. Well, I will personally tell you more details. It may seem a bit tricky at the moment, so don’t worry. I will make it all seem more easy to understand, because if you don’t get it there is a chance others won’t understand it either.


      2. Thank you. Do you mind telling me here through the comments, the challenge seems interesting, and I would like to figure out soon when I could post it onto my blog


      3. The challenge would be like each week you must add at least 100 books to your TBR. The maximum amount per week is 250. It will take at least a month at the least. You need it done in a month and 1 week. If not, you have failed. You can post it, once I have posted mine.


      4. Wow, I like it, although it seems pretty extreme. I can barely read five books off my TBR in a month, nevertheless add 100 more. It could help me stretch out my reading genres, so I will try it out.


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