Winter Essentials

I love winter so much because it snows, and when it snows you get to see that fresh coat of snow on the earth looking oh-so pretty and white and GORGEOUS!! How can you say that is not amazing and simply gorgeous when it does look amazing and simply gorgeous?? You just can’t, BECAUSE IT LOOKS SO FLUBBING AMAZING!

So today, in honor of the great and amazing winter, I shall be telling you my winter essentials. I don’t have that many, but they are still essentials, yeah? So I shall be a friendly cheesecake and share them.

Furry boots that are different than the boots in my Fall Essentials post. I am positive that I did a post on my Fall Essentials and put boots on them, but these boots are different my friends. They are new boots that are furry and have a knitted pattern on them and AHH IT’S SO EXCITING TO SPEAK OF THEM. They are just cute little munchkins.

I wear these boots when I go basically everywhere with everything, and they surprisingly match with all of my outfits that I can make.. I do not like sneakers that much, so I usually just wear munchkin-like boots or converse sneakers that are colorful creatures.

My beautiful lovely red coat with BUTTONS! This coat is like a superhero. It goes down to the area right above my knees, and has buttons. Buttons are a symbol to mankind saying, “If you wear a coat with buttons you are now officially fancy.” and I wear that coat a lot, and by a lot I mean basically every time I go outside. I feel so sophisticated wearing it, I don’t know why, I just do.

It’s all in the power of the lovely red coat.

My new and still improving Instagram that is partially aesthetic. I just NEED to go on there and try to post aesthetic looking photos, it is a growing habit. On there I don’t really post all book related pictures, I usually just post photos that I find are pretty, because I like taking pictures that are amazing and pretty. It’s one of my growing hobbies.

You can go check it out if you’d like- I am so sorry, I was about to do a shameless-self promotion, but I stopped myself. Thank the cheesecake creators for that.


Do you have any essentials that you have for this new season?  Do you use your essentials a lot? I don’t have much, but I use them all a lot equally.

You are probably already sick of me telling you this, but don’t forget to comment me questions for my upcoming Q&A! I am really exciting to be doing that Q&A, so you can ask the wildest or the most normal questions. I will certainly try to make time to answer all the questions, even if I have to make a part two. I am a lady of my word, I will do it if I must.

Have a lovely day,

Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast.





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