6 Things that the Holidays Do

AHHH! IT HAS FINALLY SNOWED HERE, and ERMAGAWD, it is so exciting. I took like one thousand pictures of the snow itself, and they look amazing and simply GORGEOUS! I love them so muchh.

But anyways, is it just me, or do the holidays seem like a secret loophole for all these things to magically just randomly happen? Because let me tell you, certain things happen on holidays, and they happen only on HOLIDAYS. So what does that say? That the holidays are evil? Wait they could be..

I am swerving off track, and it is usual for me, but I want to talk about the crazy experiment that is the holidays. And guess what, I will give you a very pretty an organized list. It won’t be that organized though, so ignore that part.



The holidays makes you overwhelmingly stressed.  The holidays are a time that you are supposed to be spending with people (Or animals, you can never go wrong with furry lovable creatures.) and being all relaxed and calm. You know, that ancient thing that nobody is ever, because who is nowadays calm? NOBODY. I have never seen someone during the holidays who is chill, and all fine. And when you ask them how they are managing the holidays, they be like “It’s chill, you know”?”. BUT I DON’T KNOW BECAUSE I AM NEVER THE WORD ‘CHILL’. I am that person who is running around with half a shoe on and is looking for last minute things and is DOWNRIGHT STRESSED.

It can throw you off your slow and steady train of routine. Your train ticket on the slow and steady train was ripped out of your hands viciously because you become a madman. Your once easy to remember routine becomes forgotten, and all you know to do is panic and do things quickly, and overall basically rush. Rushing will become your first nature, a first instinct that will be easy to do.


It will make you WAYYYY too busy. The holidays sometimes are a mystery. How can a holiday that is meant to be ONE day, become some long overbearingly busy three weeks prior to the ACTUAL HOLIDAY? I don’t know, I just don’t know. It makes no sense, because it does not seem to need to take thirty thousand days to prepare. Well.. not for me at least.

Remember, stay on the slow and steady train. It’s good for you, plus the ticket is an easy pay, so don’t be worried. The fast and dangerous train is some kind of crazy machine, where you have to spend like millions for one ticket at the most. YES, ONE TICKET.

The decorating is so gorgeous and beautiful, yet so expensive. I love the decorations people put up on holidays, I honestly love them. They are so beautiful to look at, especially when you are just driving by at night, and you see that one over-the-top house. But come on, why do they cost so much?

I have seen houses that go all out for the most random holidays, like Halloween or Valentines’ Day. It’s so pretty, but then again, WHY?

My parents decorate for all the holidays, even Halloween. I can never talk them out of it, they like to decorate things. But why would you freely spend that much money? No offense  oh lovely parents.

It keeps you on your toes. What if your dog randomly ran outside the house and you had to run and get him? You would not be surprised because you are basically on your toes, you already have been through the hectic holidays, running after a dog is the little of your troubles.

You might as well be able to go run a marathon or something with what readiness and quickness you have at that time. GO HOLIDAY HECTIC!

You will learn how to bribe fellow dinosaur peoples with your snazzy stuff. You run crazily into that store and then try to grab the nearest item that you want, and then you see some other person getting it and putting their grimy hands onto your beautiful.. candle. It’s so nice smelling, and YOU WANT IT.

So guess what, you can just go talk to them politely and bribe them with pictures of your #shelfie, or some books that you would like to give them nicely. And then they would say sure, and you’d grab that AWESOME CANDLE AND GO BURN IT. And them that candle runs out later, but don’t worry about that..


Did you like that, did ya? I found it amusing myself, reading it over. Pretty good if I may say so myself. Do you know of any things that the holidays do that are really just ‘behind the scenes’ and are secretive?

Don’t forget, I am doing a Q&A, so if you have any questions that you would like for me to answer, any kinds of questions it does not matter how crazy the question can be, I would love to answer your question in my Q&A. You can ask me the questions in the comments of my blog posts, or of my Twitter which is @thebookishdinosaur, or at my Instagram which is @thebookishdinosaur. They are both the same, so that easier to remember.

Have a happy day,

Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast.



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