Bookish Book Times: A Music Playlist for ALL Books


So usually the weather is simply HORRIBLE by being all sunny and yet that is not all. It’s sunny and WINDY! So a fellow bibliophile like me goes outside and sits on a chair to relax and read outside in nature, guess what? The wind starts blowing so my book turns the page, due to the very rude action of the wind.

So to sum up that sad, sad story, you NEED to have the weather at hand in your knowledge, so I will be telling you the weather.

This weeks weather consists of.. oh YAY! It mostly consists of snowing, so guess what, you will be able to snuggle up on a couch and read some good books. What a lovely surprise.

Please note that the weather that Marianne said just now is not true, it may be snowing all week in some countries but not in all. Just take Marianne’s words lightly because come on, who trusts Marianne? She is a simple minded weather lady. There, I said it..

Now, I will be turning the fame to Miss Dino, who will be doing the main topic for today on this channel, so the spotlight is all yours now Miss Dino!

Thank you Marianne. Today I will be giving you my music book playlist that I use that goes along with EVERY book, and I mean every. It has a song for the sad parts of the book, or the high points of the book. Basically what I am trying to say here that it’s an amazing playlist.

HOLD UP, these songs may not be fitting to you, and that is alright like a peach my friend, these just happen to be particular songs that I absolutely adore. So it’s fine if you don’t like them, not everyone has the same taste.


  1. Never Forget You by Zara Larsson

ERMAGAWD!!This song is one of my favorites, and it just simply sums up the part of the book that is that if the book is a romance story, and the man and the woman break up somehow, this is a song that explains the feelings of how one of them feels about it, if they really truly loved and cared for the other person.

2. Send my Love Adele

THIS SONG IS MY FAVORITE SONG OF ALL TIME! It describes about how when you and a person fall out of a relationship, no matter what kind, it could even be a friendship or something like that. It to me is explaining two people falling apart, falling out of drift from each other because of something, of a reason. And one of those two people forgives the other, and just lets them go, even though it hurts them and bothers them SOOOO MUCH.  It’s that part of the story when people fall apart.

I am good at this explaining songs stuff.. Go me!

3. Halo by Beyonce

THE QUEEN IS HERE!! SAY HELLO TO THE QUEEN!! I love her, and this song is amazing. This song basically explains the part of the story when someone finds the “one” and by that I mean when you find your true love. It could be in a girls experience, about how they are risking everything for love, how they are putting themselves on the line for their true love, because they need that person they love with them at all times, so a risk is worth it. They are basically floating on top of the clouds because of how happy they are, and guess what my cheesecakes? That person loves them back, so it’s BASICALLY YAYYYYY!

4. In This Together by Rapture Ruckus

This song explains the part of that story, it is really easy to figure out, when two people are in something together. DUH. Anyways, when two people are together, they can do anything, because they have someone by their side to help them out instead of figuring it out all on their own, WHICH SEEMS PRETTY DARN HARD!

And that is all for our show today, so thank you for being with us, and we will see you next Monday, BYEEE!


Hmm.. I am pretty sure that is all.. WAIT. No, no it’s not. I have to say sorry for not posting on Friday last week, I basically left you hanging without anything to tell you, it was a pretty busy day after school, so I just had to miss ONE DAY. Just one day, because I don’t post on Saturday or Sunday, so that did not count.

Also, I will be doing a Q&A soon, I just would like you guys to give me some questions. I want to answer questions that you all want to be answered, so I really would like to hear from you all!

Have an amazing day,

Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast.




  1. Beyonce’s Halo is my jam when I was in high school! It’s just so… happy and all loved up. 💖

    I’m not sure if your Q&A is open to all kinds of questions, but in case you’re still looking, here are mine!
    – What’s your favourite pizza topping?
    – What genre do you read a lot of and what genre do you want to read more of?


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