November Dinosaur Party!!

I am so glad you got the invitation, I thought I sent them the wrong way. But anyways.. WELCOME TO THE PARTY! So glad you could make it! We will be having just a blast here, so I am very happy nobody has to be missing out on the fun and goodness that will be happening here.

AHHH, IT’S DECEMBER ALREADY! I don’t want the year to end yet, but it’s going to end no matter what I think. Like come on November, can’t you take a small chill pill and stop running so fast? Some of us would actually like to go through the days at a normal pace.

Has the days gone by quick for you? That’s what it seems like to be, and let me tell you, it is going by really quick and I barely can keep but you know, I am still here. CONGRATULATIONS TO ME!

Anyways, today is that time of the month we do our monthly party! I wanted to do a party instead of a boring monthly because come on, we have to invite the dinosaurs to the party too! We cannot leave out those precious animals, they are part of this too.

So without further interruptions by me, let’s get on with that party!


Wow… As this being my first time, I did not do as well as I expected.

I took this seriously, but I didn’t take it seriously to the level that I was writing on my novel every second I got the chance. I let it be more of an activity that was for fun, if you can understand what I mean by that.

So on that note, I did horrible. Like so horrible if SpongeBob SquarePants saw it he would for the first time be angry with me, because like seriously, I DID TERRIBLE. For thirty days, you would think that would be enough time, but as I progressed, I just got busy with daily things and honestly that kind of made Nano hard, yet I still tried my best, so I guess that counts, right?


I had 4,666 words. Now you may throw tomatoes at me. And I will let you, because I am the kind and honorable Lady of the Dinosaurs, and I will let myself be shamed because of my HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE progress.

But on a happy note, I hope I will do better next year!  Because next year, I will put aside all my junk that is not important and stay awake at 2 in the morning so I will get 50k by the end of Nano.


My schedule is something that I do not have to be ashamed of, because it is actually really good. I post once each day, usually around the same time period if you can tell, and I post decent posts. I use aesthetic looking photos, and write wonderfully. I hope you’ve enjoyed them, because I write them so fiercely with so much fun and I really enjoy writing each post.

I am just going to be telling you the posts that I liked the most, because I obviously like writing them all and I like them all, but I have ones that are my favorites for this month, so I will tell you those.

I posted the ‘Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge’, abbreviated to be IBMC. Here’s a link to the first one if you’d like to start reading them:

I also posted ‘The Birthday Fiasco’, which I LOVED as much as  I love dinosaurs and cheesecake . This is the link to that:

Nearing the week to Thanksgiving, I posted ‘6 Days of Thankfulness’, each post telling one thing I was thankful for. The link to that if you would like to start reading them is:

‘Audiobooks VS. Paperbacks’ was definitely one of my favorites. The link that that one is:

‘Bookish Book Times: A Tour Of My TBR Mansion’ was to me, really funny and hilarious. I enjoyed reading it and loved writing it as well. That post was the beginning of my bookish series, so if you would like read that, this is the link:

The ‘Holiday CHAOS’ post I posted about a week ago was very true in my family, which is where I got the inspiration for that post. In my house, the holidays are a definite chaos, so if you would like to read that, this is the link:

And the last but not least post would be ‘A Day of Thanks’. It was just me pouring out my thoughts about Thanksgiving, because I just thought it would be really nice to share with you all, so I did. If you would like to read that post, this is that link:


This is another thing I am ashamed to tell you all, but it is most embarrassing and quite odd, because I am a fast reader.

This month, I only read…. ONE BOOK.

Yes, one book. And that book was the Lost Hero by Rick Riordan, but that is besides the post. The problem is that how can I be bookish without reading???

Well, I will answer that in the next little party section, so let us leave this room and go onto the next! BRING WITH US THE DINOSAURS, THEY WERE INVITED TOO!

  1. Continue adding pictures to blog posts. CHECK
  2. Start to prepare pictures for blog posts beforehand. CHECK
  3. Write down all my blog post ideas. CHECK
  4. Take out Thanksgiving theme on blog and change it. CHECK
  5. Start a #bookstagram! CHECK

Starting a bookstagram has to be the second best thing next to take out the Thanksgiving theme. I am having so much fun with that over there, and if you would like to check out my bookstagram, here is the link so you can go hop over there and have a peek.

I didn’t have much goals this month, but I make simple tasks my goals so I know that I will do them, because goals are good things that you accomplish, so I sometimes make unimportant things goals for that month so I know to do them. It’s my twisted way of completing things.

DID YOU SEE IT YET??? If you haven’t don’t spoil it for others, but I did change the entire look of my blog so it is like a winter themed, because December is the traditional month that we usually get about a bit of snow here in the U.S, so I wanted it to look pretty in that way, and I think it does.

I’ve been adding photos to my blog lately, and it looks really good and is making my blog look really aesthetic and pretty.

And that’s all the new stuff!


Did you like my new style of these monthly’s? Do you like how I call it November Dinosaur Party?

I am really liking this, although the photos took a bit of time to make last night, I really really adore this post! It looks absolutely amazing, and I love how I made the background of the subject headers dinosaur themed.

I don’t know why it took me so long to get the idea to do a dinosaur background for the main picture as well as the subject pictures, I mean website made by a dinosaur lover. What else would you expect?

Have a lovely December day,

Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast.


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