Why You Shouldn’t Necessarily Do Clickbait

Hello hello and it is me, Miss Dino, your lovely dinosaur friend!

OKAY. Look at that title up there. Yeah, you’ve done it? Well let me ask you a question: What if that title was misleading, and you clicked on it? That is called clickbait, my friend.

And clickbait is one of those things that is pretty easy to accomplish, because everyone is capable of making a title that is misleading. Even a dinosaur could do it!

For starters, let me tell you that clickbait is not technically bad. It’s a form of advertising and getting costumers, so whenever you are trying to attract the people’s attention to a headline or something you will most likely be popping out that clickbait sword, ready to attack. Articles use that, as well as some YouTube videos.

I have to say that I know it better from the YouTube region, mostly because I have had a front row seat in having clickbait happen. It has happened to me multiple times, in case you were wondering.

I have clicked on multiple videos on YouTube where the title was something shocking, and as I watched the video, realized it was all a lie, a scam. It was just a title that was misleading and very shocking, and because it was so shocking, I just clicked on it in an instant without a second thought. The title had a minor part in the video, yet was still a lie.

And example would be if someone said as a title “I QUITTING YOUTUBE!” and then realizing that they only wrote that because they were taking a week off YouTube.

Clickbait I do not think was ever meant to be taken the way it is. It is just that some people who use clickbait use it in different ways than it’s meant for to get their views from people in some sneaky way. Some titles can be false, saying things that are not at all true, but will be grabbing viewers from all directions because their title made someone turn their head and look. 

And that is going to happen, because if you say some random title that really grabbed you, would you just keep on scrolling down the page and ignore that title? If you say yes, then I shall congratulate you with a pet dinosaur because I am the Lady of the Dinosaurs.

But I would probably give in to the temptation and turn my head and click that title. Because why not? How can you just ignore that title that may as well be flashing red, because I know that I would get pulled into the clickbait vortex, and start reading it.

A title should be the headline that represents the truth of your post, not just a title that will get you more views. It’s better to have a title that actually represents what is going on in your YouTube video or blog post and get the amount of views from readers who will actually want to see what you have done, than get views from people who gave in to the temptation of the irresistible title.

Plus, why cannot you simply just write a title that is the truth? There is no point going through that battlefield just to make a title that is misleading, so you can get views. It will get you no where.

And plus, I would feel really bad, because I would know that the views I am getting I am just getting them because people are being tempted to click that title, not that they even want to read what I wrote at all.

Don’t you want views the right way?


Have you ever gotten sucked into the portal that is clickbait?

I have gotten into that too many times, and I am pretty sure it is wayyyy to hard for me to dig myself out of it, because before I know it, someone else posted another misleading title video that I just have to click.

What do you think about clickbait?

Until next time,

Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast.



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