Audiobooks VS. Paperbacks

Hello hello, and it is I again, your lovely dinosaur friend! I got the idea for this some time ago, and I have been waiting for this week to post it, so I AM VERY EXCITED TO BE DOING THIS, AHHHH!

I think you can sense my excitement by now, and if not, you will soon, so hang on tight.

But anyways, I am doing a versus, mostly because this is something that just has been.. I wouldn’t say controversy, but I think the right word would be a battling subject in my mind.

Just as a heads up, this post is not to change your decision on whether you like using audio books or paperbacks. I am just simply stating my decision on the topic, and being a friendly cheesecake and sharing my thoughts. I know some people who use audio books to “read” books because they have to, so I would never try to change anybody’s decision on that at all. Just to let you know.

Now…… let’s get on with it! Get out your cheesecake and let us begin to talk, ramble, either one is great.

When I find out that certain people use audio books, I just begin to think because I myself, because I myself don’t really like the idea of audio books. I have tried an audio book before, only because I was mesmerized by the idea of it from all those random advertisements that I get on the side of my computer screen.

So I tried it out, and let me tell you, I found it a bit hard to keep up with what was happening in the book. The audio book was going at a faster pace than I read at, and when I got confused at some parts of the story, the book would keep talking and talking and so I just got more confused with what was going on because of that.

So audio books may just not my thing and I am completely fine with that.

But then again, it could be for the fact that I only have read an audio book before once. Maybe if I read one again I would grow used to the idea of audio books.

Maybe, I don’t know..

I love the idea of sitting on a couch or sitting anywhere for that matter and cuddling up with a book (Don’t judge me, it’s normal.) and just reading in peace. It really relaxes me, and I personally understand books better if I am looking at the words. It’s something that helps me out better when I am learning or such.

Plus, I love going to the library or a bookstore and picking out books and then checking them out.. AHHHHH, EVEN TALKING ABOUT IT BRINGS ME JOY!

Although reading in the car on the way back from the library gives me a headache. I don’t know why, but each time I come back from the library and I try to open a book to read the inside flap or the first page, I always get a minor headache suddenly, then must put the book down. It’s weird, I know.

So if you have not realized it now..



Which do you like better, paperbacks or audio books? Or do you use both?

I really would like to hear which one you are for, and your ideas on this topic. It would really give me a boost to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Until next time,

Miss Dino, The Dinosaur Enthusiast.




  1. Paperbacks. for sure.
    I get too distracted if I do audio books. My husband loves them and they drive me nuts. I can’t hardly listen to talk radio when I drive because I either focus on the radio or I can’t hear it at all while I’m driving. There’s too many things happening for me to enjoy an audio book.
    I don’t think I can get consumed by it the same way i can my own paperback. I don’t want to hear other peoples’ voices or pronunciations, I want to imagine it myself.


  2. Before digital audiobooks were a thing, I didn’t listen to audiobooks much. My kids would listen to them while playing or drawing, and we would listen on long car trips, but that was it. Now, with the *huge* digital selection available from my library, I listen to lots of audiobooks. Usually, I listen when I want to re-read a book, or for light books.

    Did you know that most audiobook apps have adjustable speed? If the regular speed is too fast, you could slow it down (it just lengthens the pauses between words, so it doesn’t sound weird).


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