Thanksgiving: A Day of Thanks

Thanksgiving is a worldwide holiday celebrated everywhere by everyone. Basically, it’s a holiday that everyone can together celebrate.

It’s a day where families come together to celebrate the fact that they are thankful for everything that they are blessed in. Because everyone has a reason to be thankful for something.

Even if you are the poorest person on the face of the Earth, you still have something to be thankful for. Everyone does, because being alive each single day is a blessing itself.

I myself am very proud to be thankful for what I have. I have been blessed with a wonderful family, a family who has given me a home, food to eat, an education, and have allowed me to surround myself by people who care about me. That itself is something that I am very very, and very grateful for. 

And that is only the bare minimum of things that I can be thankful for.

Because I know, I know that right now could be living a totally opposite life of the life I live right now.

So again, I am very happy to be writing this, even so that I am writing this on my phone, even though it is a bit.. laggy. 

So go sit down and stuff yourself with some cheesecake, because you deserve it! 

Happy Thanksgiving,

Miss Dino, The Dino Enthusiast



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