6 Days of Thankfulness: Day 4

Hello hello! I am very excited to be writing these, and I hope you enjoy reading these as well.

But anyways, you all know that this mini series I am doing for Thanksgiving. In this series, I have to write about one thing I am thankful for each day, and I must say, I have a lot of things to be thankful for, but these are just a bare minimum of them.

Let’s get on with it, shall we?


I am thankful for all the pieces of technology that I have. Not every person can afford to buy thousands of technology, and nor do I. I just have a few things, like a cell phone, a laptop, and a family TV. It’s not a lot, but I really must say that I appreciate that I have it. It’s a blessing to be able to wake up each day and pick up my computer to be able to write.

Because not everyone has the money to write. Anyone can want to write, but not everyone can probably get the supplies to be able to start a blog, and write on there.

I was so glad at the time that I had the essentials to be able to write, because honestly, it was something that I really really, and really wanted.

Technology cannot be afforded by everyone, knowing everyone has different money situations.

So I just really feel blessed to be able to get technology in my life. It’s something that I will never take for granted knowing that someday I could get into a money situations.


Aren’t you all excited?? I sure am, knowing that Thanksgiving is literally right around the corner. Literally- it’s on Thursday? Yeah. I am so excited, and I just cannot wait to stuff myself with turkey and so much food!


Have an amazing day,

The Dino Enthusiast.


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