A Day in the Life


Every blogger has a different schedule each day, not every blogger is a freelance writer. Some may be, not all. But I cannot share with you every bloggers daily life, so I decided to share mine! My day can get a little hectic sometimes. I am just going to give that little warning. I, at least, find my day hectic. You probably think it’s not, but I am still in school, so I figure it can’t be stuffed like a mailbox.

6:00 AM

I naturally wake up at six, so at this time I am just waking up and going to help my brother get ready for school. Hence the picture of the sunrise up there, I am an early bird, so helping my brother each morning is an offer, not a responsibility. My older brother has to get to school by seven thirty, so I usually help him because let me tell you, he does not know how to get ready quickly. I can get ready pretty quickly, but I don’t know why he can’t. So I just help him with whatever he need until he has to leave.

7:00 AM

At this time, my brother has gone off to school. So by now, I am usually getting my stuff all packed up and ready to get ready for school. I make my bed, shower and brush my teeth. This takes a significant chunk of time, but again, I do this each day so I usually am not that surprised at what happens.

7:30 AM

At this time I am finished brushing my teeth, showering, and all that fun stuff. I usually go make breakfast for me and my younger brother (I have only two brothers, sorry if that seemed a bit confusing! :D). We sometimes eat eggs and toast, we sometimes eat cereal or pancakes. It’s a random system, but it works pretty easily. But we have to finish eating by eight o’ clock so we can get going for school!

3:00 PM

Yes, I skipped most of the day. But I only skipped those ours because I was at school, and I do not want to bore you with the details. It can get boring at times, and I’d like to spare you kindly.

But anyways, at this time I have gotten home from school and is just doing the homework I have, but I honestly usually don’t have that much homework if I do have homework at all. After I do my homework, I blog, as I am doing right now, and then write a bit for Nano. All this takes a quite a while, but I do manage to complete it all before dinner.

By the way, how is your Nano story doing? Are you even done? This is my first time, so I am doing really bad, but I still have to give myself a pat on the back for doing a good job. I hope you are doing great as well on your Nano novel.


After 3:00 I usually just eat dinner and get ready for bed, and there’s nothing interesting there, so I decided to leave it at this. Hope you enjoyed, and got a bit of what my life as a blogger is like!

Stay Tuned,

The Dino Enthusiast



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