The Birthday Present FIASCO


Have you ever had those moments when you are getting a present for a friend,

May I remind you that you are getting them that present late because you so happened to forgot, so right now you are in Walmart, in the card section, quickly getting a birthday card and then rushing off to get them an actual present. Oh and you are doing all this hours before the party! Organization right?


You are getting your friend this present, and then you begin to wonder, ” What if someone else gets them a better present, out-presents them if I may?” That is called the birthday present fiasco my friend. It is really a fiasco.

And let me tell you, I think this literally all the freaking time. I get so freaked out that when I go there someone else will have the same present as me or that someone else gets them like a laptop or a car and then I get them a gift card and a card because I forgot about presents.

I just think that I have to get them a present because if I go to a party where the party host decides that the birthday person opens all their gifts at the party I will be literally dead. And this is because what if they open my present and then everyone sees it like some cheap old present, compared to the other presents, and then everyone laughs crazily at the gift I got that person because it’s so horribly bad that they have the right to laugh at it.

Does anybody else have that thought?

*raises hand*

Yeah, I do, if you have not realized that yet. It’s just something that weird about me, but I am fine with it.

But seriously.

I need to out-present everybody else. Nobody else should be able to get the birthday person a better present than the present I intend on giving them.

But seriously, what’s the real reason on why I want to give them a really good present?

Because you want to give them a good present, so when it comes to your birthday party, they also give you in return a good present.


Because if I just give them a crappy present, when they are getting me a present they will think back to this moment and be like, “I AM NOT GIVING THIS GIRL A GOOD PRESENT BECAUSE SHE GAVE ME A GIFT CARD!” And then I will be upset when it comes to my birthday because of what she did, and then it will be an never ending cycle of me and that person exchanging each other bad gifts on each other’s birthday. And because I don’t tend to quit at things, I will just keep on giving them a bad present, and then- well I think you get the cycle by now.

I just thought I really needed to spread this out there, because I know there are people who give bad presents because they don’t try. And I need you to know, you must give a good present if you want goodness in return, it’s in the Good Presents Guide to Horrible Gift Givers. (I think that title is pretty snazzy, so thank you brain.) Use that book, and you’ll be all set with yourself giving quality presents to anybody.

Give good presents always,

The Dino Enthusiast



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