If you are a football fan, refrain from reading this please.


Now right here I wanted to write like a bunch of football technical terms in like a play (I know what a play is at least), but I realized that I don’t know any so that idea was thrown down the drain viciously.

But seriously, all you football fans should cover your eyes. You will not like what I am about to write today, because it’s about football and how- GASP- I am not a football fan!

I even have to hide my computer from my brother as I am writing this because I know if he sees the title he will tackle me down immediately, because he likes football. Not like, he loves football with a strong passion.

So let me get one thing straight. If there is such an event that I must wear a team jersey, I will wear it. In fact, will have no problem whatsoever wearing it.

It’s just that when it comes to watching football games, you can count me out. Like I can guarantee you that I will leave five minutes into the game. I am just not interested in watching it. And that could be because I don’t understand the sport whatsoever, but that is not the point.

Maybe if I actually learned stuff about the sport, then I’d be able to like it more.

Yes. I realize that. But then again, do I really want to? Nope. I got other stuff to do, so again, throw that idea down the drain viciously.

I realized this yesterday when there was game of football between the Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks. The game was around eight o’clock. And let me tell you, I was relaxing on the couch with my brothers, as they were intently watching the game. But little was me was just having the time of her life reading,  doing stuffon her phone, doing all sorts of things.

And honestly, that is it also for all  TV shows. I don’t necessarily just sit down and watch the television. And that is because I just can’t. The thought of me just sitting there staring at a screen gets me bored so quickly, so I like to do other things as I am watching the show. Like for instance, sometimes I will go on my phone and do stuff on there. But I will still be paying attention to the television show.

And I know that sounds like I am not even watching the show, but I am.

Technically I am not at all watching the show, I am just having it as background music.

And yes my friend, that is true. I am not even watching it. It’s just there. But you know, I like having some sort of laugh each day, and listening to the TV may just get me that daily laugh, so I will keep on doing it. Plus, I like listening to my hideous laugh.

And before you say, “Oh your laugh is not even hideous I would guess.” But you guessed wrong. My laugh sounds like a donkey. It really does, compared to my sneezes that sound so adorably cute.

I cannot deny it, this post was a mixture of randomness. It began with football, but it fell off of that topic and onto to topics that were slightly related to the main topic. But then again, I don’t really get how I got to laughing.

Thank you for reading this and have a wonderful day!


Go rescue a dinosaur today and have it as a friend.

– “thebloggingdinosaur”.



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